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Cornelius Ani, Sally Grantham-McGregor, David Muller
Nutritional supplementation in Down syndrome: theoretical considerations and current status

George T. Capone
Evidence for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Down Syndrome

J. Fialho
Dromia and Piracetam. A useful association in the treatment of Down's syndrome (A comparative study)

Matthias J. Gelb
Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) for Children with Down Syndrome

Patrick Holford
The Way Up From Down's Syndrome

Lawrence G. Leichtman
Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) in the Treatment of Children and Adults with Down Syndrome

Gert Lubec, Ephrem Engidawork
The Brain in Down Syndrome (TRISOMY 21)

International Nutrition, Inc.
Why Vitamin, Mineral and Nutritional Supplementation is Helpful for Patients with Down Syndrome

MacLeod, Kent
Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy. Chapter One: 20 Questions
Nutritional Implications in Down Syndrome

Mark F. McCarty
Nutritional Supplementation and Down's Syndrome - Focus on Folate

Marie Peeters-Ney
The Effects of Supplementation on Children with Down Syndrome: Evaluation of Questionnaires Filled Out by Parents

Marzia Perluigi & D. Allan Butterfield
Oxidative Stress and Down Syndrome: A Route toward Alzheimer-Like Dementia

Andrew W. Saul
The Pioneering Work of Ruth Flinn Harrell: Champion of Children

David H. Swenson
Cystathionine Beta-Synthase (CBS): More Than Just Folate Trapping?

Robert J. Thiel
Can Cognitive Deterioration Associated with Down Syndrome be Reduced? with S.W. Fowkes
Facial Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome
Growth Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome
Nutrition & Down Syndrome: Clinical Rationale & Results
Orthomolecular Therapy and Down Syndrome: Rationale and Clinical Results

F. Jack Warner, C. Stephens
Metabolic Supplement for Correction of Raging Free Radicals in Trisomy 21. A Noncomparative Open Case Study