Compiled by Amy Dunaway   Reprinted with the permission of the author.

Disability Solutions
An excellent newsletter about issues related to Down Syndrome
Available in print as well as online at:
9220 SW Barbur Blvd. 119-179
Portland, OR 97219
The editor is a registered dietician and has a son with Down syndrome. The publication is free.

Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Road
Bethesda, MD 20817
Their website is
They have a variety of books dealing specifically with DS.
A few examples are: Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome, by Patricia Oelwein and Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome by Libby Kumin. Other titles from Woodbine House:
Classroom Language Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
Libby Kumin
Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome
Maryanne Bruni, BSc OT
Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome
Patricia C. Winders, PT
Medical & Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome
The books from Woodbine House are wonderful for setting goals and IEP's.

Love and Learning
Joe and Sue Kotlinski
PO Box 4088
Dearborn, MI 48126-4088
Parents of a child with DS have developed a teaching technique, which enabled their daughter to read over 1000 words by age 4. This method utilizes videos, audiotapes, and books to help develop language, reading, and comprehension skills. They also now offer a computer program called "ABC, Words and More." This program offers the same beneficial characteristics as the tapes and books plus it is personalized to display your child's name, address, & phone number. It tells the current day of the week, what day was yesterday and what day tomorrow is. It includes word/picture matching games and much more.

Down Syndrome Quarterly
Editor: Samuel J Thios, PhD
ph. 614.587.6338
Denison University, Granville, OH 43023
Newsletter with articles of interest to the DS medical special interest group on diverse topics.

At Our Own Pace, A Newsletter For Homeschooling Families With Special Needs
This newsletter covers a wide variety of topics, contains book reviews and online resources written by Jean Kulczyk, a homeschooling mother with fourteen years experience.
E-mail address:
The newsletter is now published by VAST Network (Varied Abilities School and Training Network)
P.O. Box 8391
Huntsville, AL 35808
The first newsletter is free. For hardcopy delivery of the newsletter the fee is $15.00.
An e-mail subscription is available for $10.00. The VAST website is:
They have a bulletin board for questions accessible from the home page:

P O Box 39
Porthill, ID 83853
NATHHAN is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to providing encouragement to families with children with special needs who are homeschooling. They publish a quarterly online and hardcopy newsletter. They also publish a family directory, updated each year. They have a large lending library by mail. The membership fee is a suggested donation of $25.00. Their website is

HSLDA is an advocacy organization, established to advance home school and family freedoms. The annual membership fee is $100.00 (discounted if you belong to APACHE or NATHHAN.) Each member receives legal protection for his own family if needed. Founded in 1983 HSLDA is operated by Christian attorneys who teach their children at home. For a free brochure and application form write to:
PO Box 3000
Purcellville, VA 20134
Their special needs coordinator at HSLDA is Betty Statnick. She provides advice and resources to member families on needs ranging from ADD to multiple handicaps. She has a database of home school-friendly professionals who are willing to serve as special needs consultants to member families. She can be reached at 540.338.5600

Communicating Partners
Dr. James MacDonald
Communicating Partners is a clinical and educational resource center for families and professionals responsible for Late Talking Children. The center focuses on the essential role that parent-child communication plays in the successful development of children with Autism, PDD, Down syndrome, Attention disorders and other delaying conditions.
Children's Hospital Foundation
c/o The Family Child Learning Center
143 Northwest Avenue, Building A
Tallmadge, OH 44278 Ph.330.633.2055
He has a list on YAHOO! that is worthwhile:

The Down Syndrome Educational Trust
A charitable organization based in the United Kingdom that works to advance the development and education of individuals with DS. They publish two periodicals:
They publish academic papers online that are accessible after a simple registration process.
Three books are available online at
They also publish a series of books, Down Syndrome Issues and Information discussing many developmental and educational issues.
Their library is accessible for a fee.
DownsEd also publishes a catalog of their books, teaching materials & games, computer software, videos, and journals & periodicals.
The Down Syndrome Educational Trust now has discussion list/chat capabilities.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
A newsletter published quarterly. The articles are designed to encourage as well as equip home educators to teach their children with special needs. In addition to articles written by Learning Handicaps Specialist Sharon Hensley, the TCIO includes articles from individual specialists and authors, as well as helpful resources. Cost: $12.00
AVCS Books
P.O. Box 4110,
San Jose, CA 95160-1100
*This newsletter has been discontinued but Sharon Hensley can be reached at:
This site has a bookstore with resources & books for teaching children with special needs. Old issues of her newsletter are available for sale.

National Association for Child Development, Inc.
NACD uses the neurodevelopmental approach and develops very specific home programs for infants, children, and adults. The neurodevelopmental approach utilizes a neurologically based targeted eclectic treatment methodology.

The Neurodevelopmental Approach From a Christian Perspective
Several organizations exist that use a Christian approach to offer neurodevelopmental and educational consulting services. The ones I am aware of are:


The following books are available online at: I printed out the above books for easier reading.

When Slow Is Fast Enough, Educating The Preschool Child by Joan F. Goodman
Ms. Goodman questions what we are accomplishing in Early Intervention programs, suggesting that in pressuring children with special needs to perform more, sooner, we undermine their capacity for independent development and deprive them of the freedom we insist upon for the non-delayed.

Homeschooling Children With Special Needs by Sharon Hensley
Written by a homeschooling mom of three, one with autism. She has a Master's Degree in Special Education and has worked with a variety of special needs. This book is divided into 3 sections: Getting the Facts (defining special needs,) Tackling the Issues (stages of grief, siblings,) & Planning Your Program (resources.)
Available from or AVCS Books, PO Box 4110, San Jose, CA, 95160-1100.

The New Language of Toys, Teaching Communication Skills to Children With Special Needs by Sue Schwartz Ph.D. and Joan E Heller Miller, Ed.M
Available from Woodbine House. Activities using toys to stimulate language development in children with special needs from birth to age six.

NATHHAN Resource Guide
A compilation of resources for families choosing to home educate their children with special needs, available from NATHHAN

Choosing and Using Curriculum for your Special Needs Child by Joyce Herzog
An introduction to the basic factors to consider in selecting material for a child with special needs.

Learning In Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog
Practical Teaching Tips and a Christian Perspective of Education. Joyce has been teaching children with special needs for 25 years. She has a Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities and a Ph.D. in Humane Letters. She is the author of The Scaredy Cat Ready System. She is now consulting and speaking about teaching children with special needs for homeschoolers.
Her website is

Communication Skills In Children With Down Syndrome by Libby Kumin
Available from Woodbine House

Teaching the Infant with Down Syndrome by M. Hanson
Written by a parent, includes chapters on "Breaking Behavior into Small Steps" & "Beyond Infancy," It includes systematic steps, goals and activities to promote walking independently, jumping, kicking a ball, running, eating independently, receptive/expressive language development, etc.

Strategies for Struggling Learners: A Guide for the Teaching Parent by Joe Sutton, Ph.D
Dr. Sutton is a certified educational diagnostician and president of Exceptional Diagnostics, a testing and consulting firm serving students with learning, attention and behavior difficulties. Dr. Sutton is also the author of Special Education: A Biblical Approach. His website is:

Effective Teaching Strategies For Successful Inclusion. A Focus on Down Syndrome. A Resource Guide for Educators and Parents
Published by PREP Program, Calgary, Canada
The PREP Program is a Calgary based school and resource center for children with Down syndrome. Don't let this title fool you. This book is full of insights and teaching tips for our children with Down syndrome. $20.00 (Canadian) $15.00 (US)
Available from: The PREP Program
1001-17 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2E5

Helps For Special Education Teachers. Curriculum and Activities to Promote Basic Skill Development in Special Needs Children
Written by Eileen Shaum, this book is designed to be used by teachers/parents of preschool children. This book lists goals and objectives with activities for the stages of development from early childhood through first grade level. IEP's are discussed with many helpful hints regarding curriculum planning, teaching tools and techniques. Available from Rod & Staff, 606.522.4348

Circle of Friends II Bringing Love and Hope to Those with Down Syndrome.
Over 500 pages of practical information and resources on Down syndrome. Includes information on breastfeeding, EI, parenting perspectives, medical information and more. Available from the NuTriVene website:

The Source for Down Syndrome by Catherine I. Chamberlain & Robin M. Strode
This book contains in-depth information on how Down syndrome affects learning and language development. It is packed with helpful tips, therapy techniques, & skill strategies.
Available from LinguiSystems.

The Child with Special Needs by Stanley I. Greenspan, MD & Serena Wieder, PH.D
This book came highly recommended from a variety of people. It does not speak specifically to homeschoolers but covers a variety of topics. From the cover: "Based on two decades of practice and original research into developmental disabilities, this essential work helps parents and professionals "get beyond the label" and understand each child's unique profile. The authors' new insights regarding human development and learning have enabled them to create a step-by-step approach that initiates and sustains the child's mastery of the most important developmental milestones."
This book uses a developmental model that engages the child at his/her level.

Most of these books are available through the NATHHAN Lending Library. I read extensively from this library in my initial research into homeschooling my child with special needs. I then purchase some of these resources to have on hand in my own home. Barnes & Noble has a fairly large selection of special needs books. They are also happy to special order books for you.