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Bridges. Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition and Chemistry™, published by Nutri-Chem Pharmacy. Free.
Kent MacLeod, B.Sc.Phm., Editor
1303 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON
Canada, K2B 7Y4
1 (888) 384-7855 or (613) 820-9065
Fax: (613) 829-2226

Disability Solutions, a resource for families and others interested in Down syndrome and related disabilities is published six times yearly by The Enoch-Gelbard Foundation. Free.
Joan E. Medlen, R.D., Editor
9220 S.W. Barbur Boulevard, #119-179
Portland OR 97219-5428
(503) 244-7662
Fax: (503) 246-3869

Down Syndrome Amongst Us, a publication of information, chizuk, and shared experience. The magazine addresses the medical, educational, psychological, emotional and religious needs of Jewish individuals with Down syndrome, as well as the community's response to and acceptance of children and adults with Down syndrome. It is available in major Judaica stores worldwide or a 3 issue $21.00 subscription; $24.00 if mailed outside of the U.S.A.; back issues: $7.00 and $8.00 each internationally.

        Sarah M. Sander, Editor
32 Rutlage Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 834-2055
Fax: (718) 834-5255
In Israel contact:
Mr. S. Rubin at 011-972-2-653-5399.

Down Syndrome News, Newsletter of the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC). ISSN 0161-0716. $25.00 per year membership.

Down Syndrome Quarterly
The Down Syndrome Research Foundation has taken over the publishing of DSQ from Denison University.
The aim is to provide easy access to research papers and evaluated results for clinicians, professionals and families. The journal will have a broad focus and cover a wide range of topics relating to Down syndrome. It will include relevant research abstracts, commentaries relating the research to practice, peer reviewed research papers, literature reviews, and regional reports. Abstracts.

Down's Syndrome: Research and Practice is an international research journal for original research papers on the development, therapeutic and educational needs of persons with Down syndrome and papers which evaluate interventions and professional practice. Complete back issues as well as single article re-prints are available to order. Abstracts.
Individual subscription: £20.00; Organization subscription: £25.00. Make checks payable to "DownsEd".
DownsEd, The Sarah Duffen Centre
Belmont Street
Southsea, Hampshire, UK P05 1NA
+44 23 9282 4261
Fax: +44 23 9282 4265

NADS News, bimonthly newsletter of the National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS). $15.00 per year.
Ann Jonaitis, Editor
P.O. Box 4542
Oak Brook, IL 60522-4542
(630) 325-9112
Fax: (630) 325-8842

People with Special Needs/Down Syndrome Report [no longer published]. View back issues.
The Exceptional Parent, an award winning magazine informs its readers on the latest on laws, programs, education, health care and technology.
Subscriptions: 12 issues for $32.00; 24 issues for $51.00; 36 issues for $72.00.
Psy-Ed Corporation
Exceptional Parent
555 Kinderkamack Road
Oradell, NJ 07649-5717
(201) 634-6550
Fax: (201) 634-6599