Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Southwestern Medical School
Division of Pediatric Genetics and Metabolism
5323 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75235-9063
(214) 648-8996

Down Syndrome Clinic

Children's Medical Center of Dallas
1935 Motor Street, 4th Floor, D405
Dallas, TX 75235-9063
(214) 456-2357
Fax: (214) 456-2567
Hospital Contact: Joanna Spahis, M.S.N., R.N.
Clinical Care: Lewis J. Waber, M.D., Ph.D.
Comprehensive care for children with Down syndrome and their families including: Medical management; Psychosocial support; Referral to community agencies for educational intervention or therapies.

Nanny Hogan-Boyd Down Syndrome Resource Center & Clinic

Child Study Center, Suite 204
1300 West Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Clinic Director: Mary Kukolich, M.D.
Clinic Coordinator: Sarah Stringer, ACSW, LMSW (817) 335-3207 or 1 (800) 266-5514
Information: Rhonda Hawkins (817) 293-0246
Clinc meets once a month, children and young adults. Specialists involved in the screenings may include cardiologists, audiologists, speech and occupational therapists, and others. The clinic has a lending library and a computer that parents may access for Internet research.

Down Syndrome Clinic of Houston

Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics
Texas Children's Hospital Clinical Care Center
6621 Fannin, Suite CCC 1530
Houston, TX 77030
(832) 822-3478
Fax: (832) 825-339
Contact: Caroyl Gilbert, BSN, RN
The Down Syndrome Clinic is designed to provide children with an evaluation from a team of health care professionals with a special interest in working with children who have Down syndrome:

Christus Santa Rosa Children's Clinic

Children's Hospital
519 West Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78207
E-mail: Robert J. Clayton, M.D. (210) 704-2865
Fax: (210) 704-2813
The Santa Rosa Children's Clinics are interdisciplinary clinics dedicated to the care of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Services have been organized to simultaneously serve a diverse population in regard to ethnicity, culture, language, income, and urban and rural residence. Five clinics are held each week:
  1. new patient/behavioral clinic
  2. behavioral/genetics clinic
  3. metabolic clinic
  4. specialty evaluations clinic
  5. spina bifida clinic
The staff includes a pediatrician, doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine, pediatrician-geneticist, metabolic geneticist, pediatric urologist, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, two pediatric neurosurgeons, three nurse clinic coordinators and a social worker. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and dietary services are also offered.

University Family Health Center — Southeast

3819 S. Gevers
San Antonio, TX 78223
(210) 531-5500
Contact: Sue Doty, M.D., Ph.D.