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Thiamin Journal Abstracts

Fortschr Med 93 (25): 1170-2 (1975 Sep 11)

Studies on the state of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in Down's syndrome

Schmid F, Christeller S, Rehm W

In 110 children -between 0-16 years of age-, 90 children with Down syndrome and 20 controls the following metabolic parameter were analyzed: ETK (vitamin-B1-activating coefficient), EGR (vitamin B2), P-5'-P, EGOT (vitamin B6), GOT, GPT, pH, K, Na, Ca, Cl, uric-acid (HS). Among some important correlations between the different parameters it could be demonstrated-for the first time to our knowledge-that in Mongoloids a disturbance of the vitamin-B1-metabolism exists, certified by the so-called transketolase-test.

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