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Trisomy 21 Research Conference: September 13-14, 2003 - New Orleans, LA

Day 1A. S. Jill James, Ph.D. • Senior Scientist, FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research - Jefferson, AR. Abnormal Folate Metabolism and Down Syndrome: Maternal Risk and Fetal Survival
Day 1B. Vincent L. Wilson, Ph.D. • Associate Professor & Claiborne Chair of Environmental Toxicology, Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Concentration, Institute of Environmental Studies, Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA. What's Wrong with the Wild Type MTHFR Allele?
Day 1C. David Swenson, Ph.D. • H.H. Dow Professor of Chemistry Saginaw Valley State University - University Center, MI. Cystathionine Beta-Synthase - More Than Folate Trapping?
Day 1D. Warren J. Croom, Jr., Ph.D., FACN • Professor of Comparative Nutrition, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. The Quest for A Metabolic and Physiological Rationale for Nutrient Supplementation in Down Syndrome
Day 1E. Matthias J. Gelb, M.D. • Pediatrician - Bretten, Germany. Nutrition, Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) and Physical Exercise
Day 1F. Lawrence Leichtman, M.D., Ph.D. • Genetics & Disabilities Diagnostic Care Center - Virginia Beach, VA. A 2-year Cohort Study of NuTriVene-D in Children with Down Syndrome
Day 1G. Nagwa Meguid, Ph.D. • Professor of Human Genetics, National Research Center - Cairo, Egypt. Experience of the Egyptian National Research Center on Children with Down Syndrome
Day 1H. George T. Capone, M.D. • Research Scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Baltimore, MD. Evidence for Increased Mitochondrial Superoxide Production in Down Syndrome
Day 2A. Hans F. Lessmann, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. • Visual Development Institute PC - Pittsburgh, PA. Visual Enhancement for People with Down Syndrome
Day 2B. Janet Mora, M.A. CCC-SLP • Director of Chartwell Center - New Orleans, LA Sensory Motor Communication, Inc. & Kendra Schilling, LOTR • Private Practice - New Orleans, LA The Sensory Integration Connection
Day 2C. Renee Roy Hill, M.S., CCC-SLP • Talk Tools/Innovative Therapists International - Tucson, AZ. Oral-Motor Myths of Down Syndrome
Day 2D. Steven Fowkes, B.A. Organic Chemistry • Director - Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute - Menlo Park, CA. Smart Drugs: Piracetam and More
Day 2E. Lawrence Leichtman, M.D., Ph.D. • Genetics & Disabilities Diagnostic Care Center - Virginia Beach, VA. Most Current Findings in the Use of Nutritional Treatment in Trisomy 21
Day 2F. Susan Ducote, PT, PCS • Neurotherapy Specialists - Baton Rouge, LA. Practical Strategies to Enhance Motor Development and Prevent Further Impairment or Limitations

NDSC 29th Annual Conference: August 23-25, 2002 - Denver, CO

DS0220. Complete Set of 37 Cassettes in Storage Albums $264.00
DS0221 1. Communicating with Children with Down Syndrome. James MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS0222 2. How Do We Put the "Positive" in Behavioral Supports? Robin Brewer, Ed.D.
DS0223 3. Friendship Building Strategies. Jerri Miller
DS0224 4. Medical Panel: Cardiology and Endocrinology Issues. Moderator: Siegfried Pueschel, M.D., Ph.D, MPH, J.D. / Henry Sondheimer, M.D., Leonard E. Dodson, M.D.
DS0225 5. Strategies to Support Literacy Development in Students with Down Syndrome. Christopher Kliewer, Ph.D.
DS0226 6. My House Is A House of Prayer for All People (the prophet Isaiah): Inclusion in Faith Communities. The Rev. Dr. Harvey C. Martz, D.Min., Jonathan Derr, Robert Johnson, B.S., Jeff Mattson
DS0227 7. No More Field Trips on Testing Day: Why State Accountability Systems Benefit All Students. Janet Filbin, M.A.
DS0228 8. Report from Washington: The Reauthorization of IDEA and Other Current Issues. Susan Goodman, J.D.
DS0229 9. A Home of One's Own: A Dream, A Challenge, A Reality. Jay Klein
DS0231 11. Alzheimer Disease: From Research to Treatment. Arthur J. Dalton, Ph.D.
DS0232 12. How to Be a Savvy Health Care Consumer for Your Child. Elizabeth Lehman, B.S., CPA, Lorri Park, B.S.
DS0233 13. Trends in Research in the Early 21st Century. Alberto Costa, M.D., Ph.D.
DS0234 14. Person-Centered Planning—Getting Involved. Linda Thompson, M.Ed
DS0235 15. Early Intervention: The First Mile on an Exciting Journey. Kathy Gonzales-West, M.A., CCC-SLP, Ellie Valdez Honeyman
DS0237 17. Medical Panel: Sleep Apnea, ENT, Issues & Other Medical Concerns. Moderator: Allen Crocker, M.D./Ellen Elias, M.D., Thomas T. Peterson, M.D.
DS0238 18. The Ups and Downs of Family Life: Parents and Researchers Discuss Ways to Cope. Glenna Boyce, Ph.D., Sherilin Rowley, Shauna Saarelainen, B.A.
DS0239 19. Transitions: Grade to Grade and School to School. Jerri Miller, Julie Harmon
DS0240 20. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Supported Employment... Bob Lawhead, M.A.
DS0241 21. Get Ready, Set, Write! Emily Knapton, OTR/L
DS0242 22. Making Survival Math Fun and Functional. DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D.
DS0243 23. In Search of a Pharmocotherapy for DS. Alberto Costa, M.D., Ph.D.
DS0244 24. How Can Assistive Technology Benefit My Son or Daughter? Grace O. Williams, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
DS0245 25. Inclusion Is Good for Everyone. Kevin Wagner
DS0246 26. Future Care and Estate Planning. Bruce Bernstein, J.D.
DS0247 27. Inclusive Education and Transition: They to a Real Job and a Real Life. Barbara Cardella, Michael Cardella
DS0248 28. Parents as Equal Participants in the IEP Process. Kathleen Marafino, J.D.
DS0250 30. Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome. Maryanne Bruni, Bsc., OT(c)
DS0251 31. I Belong! Strategies for Successful Preschool Planning. Jami Ruppmann, B.S.
DS0252 32. How Families Can Promote Self-Determination: Getting Beyond the Hype. Jo Ann Simons, MSW
DS0253 33. Making Friends and Influencing Policy Makers. Jamie Ruppmann, B.S.
DS0254. Friday Evening Plenary - Self Advocates in the National Spotlight (2 tapes $15.00)
DS0255ab. Saturday Morning Plenary - Welcome & Introduction/Endless Abilities. (2 tapes $15.00)
Keynote Presentations
Self Determination: Never Too Early Nevery Too Late/Writing about Down Syndrome: The Story of Choosing Naia.
Kathleen Marafino, NDSC President/Master of Ceremonies, Greg Fairchild Ph.D., Jay Silverman, Melissa Silverman, Jennifer Cunningham, Sue Swenson, Mitchell Zuckoff.
DS0256. Saturday Afternoon Plenary
Stress and Resiliency in Families/Literacy For All: Toward a Local Understanding/The Journey of a Dream to Reality. Glenna Boyce, Ph.D./Christopher Kliewer, Ph.D./Karen Gaffney, A.S.
DS0257. Saturday Evening Banquet & Awards
Featured Speaker: Dr. Siegfried Pueschel, M.D., PhD., MPH, J.D.
DS0258. Closing Plenary
Piano Selections/Why I Write Poetry/All That Glitters: The Gifts of Down Syndrome.
Master of Ceremonies - Allen Crocker, M.D./Leah Stodden/Gretchen Josephson/Martha Beck, Ph.D.

NDSC 28th Annual Conference: August 4-8, 2000 - Washington, D.C.

DS0000 Complete Set of Cassettes in Albums $292.00
DS0038ab Saturday Plenary Session (2 tapes $15.00)
Opening & Welcome - Jo Ann Simons
Emcee - Steven Eidelman, Timoth Shriver, Ph.D.
Tomatoes, Anyone? - Carrie Bergeron
My Wonderful, Awesome & Regular Life - Michael Cardella
Keynote Speakers:
Hard Work: Access to Academics - Paula Kluth, Ph.D.
Positive Behavioral Support: How Do I Know It When I See It? Don Kincaid, Ed.D.
Reflections on Jewel: A Mother's Will and Family Love - Bret Lott
Fostering Friendships: Social Connections in Inclusive Settings - Debbie Staub, Ph.D.
DS0039 Saturday Evening Awards Banquet
Emcee: Frank Sesno
DS0040 Sunday Closing Plenary
Emcee - Harvey Martz
Musical Recital - Sujeet Desai
Life, Liberty & My Pursuit of Happiness: Reaching for Independence - Cynthia Renee Outman
Challenge in the New Millennium: Toward a Brighter Future for Persons with Down Syndrome - Siegfried Pueschel, M.D., Ph.D., MPH, J.D.
DS0001 1. Hard Work: Academic Rigor in the Inclusive Class (Part II) - Paula Kluth, Ph.D.
DS0002 2. Creating Opportunities for Belonging and Friendship in Inclusive Settings - Debbie Staub, Ph.D.
DS0003 3. Providing Positive Behavioral Support: Challenges and Solutions - Don Kincaid, Ed.D.
DS0004 4. Transition Age Youth and SSI - Sheila Fesko, Ph.D.
DS0005 5. Teaching Math - Patricia Oelwein, M.Ed.
DS0006 6. Becoming Communicating Partners with Children with Down Syndrome - James MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS0007 7. Future Care and Estate Planning - Theresa M. Varnet, J.D.
DS0008 8. Successful Experiences on College Campuses - Todd Martz, Wes Mooney, Christine Maxwell, Alan Wells
DS0009 9. Political Advocacy - All Levels of Government - Kimberly Elliott, M.S.
DS0010 10. Developing Understandable Speech - Martin Lazar, Ph.D.
DS0011 11. Medical Panel - Siegfried Pueschel, M.D., Jean Kan, M.D., Carol Marcus, M.D., Penny Kadman, M.D.
DS0012 12. Inclusive Education: The Key to Achieving an Inclusive LIFE - Barbara Cardella, Michael Cardella
DS0013 13. Gross Motor Development in Children with Down Syndrome - Patricia Winders, PT
DS0014 14. Basic Research Relevant to Down Syndrome: When, What, Where, How, Why? - Roger Reeves, Ph.D.
DS0015 15. Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder - George T. Capone, M.D.
DS0016 16. As Good as It Gets? Exploring Movement Differences in Individuals with Down Syndrome - Paula Kluth, Ph.D.
DS0017 17. Teaching Reading - Patricia Oelwein, M.Ed.
DS0018 18. Medical Panel - George T. Capone, M.D., George Acs, DDS, Irene Maumenee, M.D., Kenneth Rosenbaum, M.D., Siegfried Pueschel, M.D.
DS0019 19. A Tale of Two Friends - Ann McNally, Christina Schell
DS0020 20. Creating Inclusive Work Environments: Supported Employment and Natural Supports - Sheila Fesko, Ph.D.
DS0021 21. The Adult Sibling Role Evolving: Lessons from Life with a Brother/Sister with Down Syndrome - Jo Ann Simons, Marnie Dodson, Paula Hirschoff, William Webster
DS0022 22. How to Talk to Your Child about Personal Safety & Preventing Abuse - Pnina Tobin, Ph.D.
DS0023 23. Becoming One's Own Person: Self-Determination and Self Advocacy - Steve Holmes, Chester Finn
DS0024 24. Identifying and Managing Sensitivities to Touch, Sound and Movement in the Child with DS - Vickie Smith, OTR/L
DS0025 25. Parents As Equal Participants in Writing IEPs and Making Them Happen - Kathleen Marafino, J.D.
DS0026 26. Home Ownership: One Young Man's Journey Toward Self-Determination - Jon Horowitz, Muriel Horowitz
DS0027 27. Making the Most of the First Three Years of Life: Learning and Growing Together - Cindy Oser, R.N., M.S.
DS0028 28. Holding Your State Accountable for Ensuring Implementation of IDEA - Barbara Cardella, Holly Nann
DS0029 29. What Is Assistive Technology and What Can It Do for Me and My Family? - Carla Putnam-Veal
DS0030 30. Guardianship and Other Alternatives - Theresa M. Varnet, J.D.
DS0031 31. Adult Health Care Guidelines: Present, Past & Future - Robert J. Clayton, M.D.
DS0032 32. Aging and Alzheimers - Andrew Warren, M.D.
DS0033 33. Developing a Partnership with Your Child's Doctor - Allen Crocker, M.D.
DS0034 34. Getting Ready for and Having a Successful Secondary Math Experience - Jay Silverman, M.A.
DS0035 35. Handwriting Without Tears - Diane Eldridge
DS0036 36. That All May Worship: A Ramp Is Not Enough! - Ginny Thornburgh
DS0037 37. Possible Impacts of Current and Pending Federal Legislation - Kathy McGinley, Ph.D.

NDSS Annual Conference: July 27-9, 2000 - Washington D.C.

Complete Set of Tapes: $265.00
PS1. The Great Lessons of the 20th Century and Their Implication for the Future. MARGARET GOULD
PS3. Keynote Luncheon- Invincible Summer: The Gifts of Down Syndrome. MARTHA BECK
PS4. Defining Quality Education for Students with Down Syndrome. STEPHANIE SMITH LEE, JUDITH HEUMANN & MADELEINE WILL
PS6. Keynote Luncheon: Reflections of a Labor of Love.SIEGFRIED PUESCHEL
PS9. The Possible Futures of Education. RICHARD VILLA
1. Down Syndrome: Medical Update 2000. LEN LESHIN
2. Starting Out: Speech & Language for Infants & Toddlers. LIBBY KUMIN
5. The World in Your Monitor: Finding Information & Support Online. MARY WILT
6. Health Care for Infants, Babies & Toddlers. BONNIE PATTERSON
7. Promoting Health & Well-Being in Adults with Down Syndrome. BRIAN CHICOINE & DENNIS MCGUIRE
9. Estate Planning for Families with Special Needs. DAVID WEINGARTEN
10. Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome. PATRICIA OELWEIN
11. Down Syndrome & Autism Spectrum Disorder. GEORGE CAPONE & BONNIE PATTERSON
12. You Are Not Alone: A Message for New Parents. PATRICIA MCGILL SMITH
13. Maximizing Speech & Language in Children & Adolescents. LIBBY KUMIN
14. Teaching Math to Children with Down Syndrome. PATRICIA OELWEIN
15. The Goal & Opportunity of Physical Therapy. PATRICIA WINDERS
16. Promoting Healthy Attitudes & Skills for Weight Management In Children with Down Syndrome Through All Ages & Stages. JOAN MEDLEN
18. Assistive Technology: What it is & How to Get It. JOEY WALLACE
19. Common Behavior Concerns. BONNIE PATTERSON
20. The Facts of Life...And More: Circles. LESLIE WALKER-HIRSCH
21. Down Syndrome Research. DAVID PATTERSON
23. A Family Path Towards Transition to Independent Life. MARISA BROWN & ALAN GOLDBERG
24. That All May Worship: A Ramp is Not Enough. GINNY THORNBURGH
25. Alternative Therapies Overview. CARL COOLEY
27. Positive Behavior Supports: Supporting Students Whose Behavior Impedes Their Learning. HANK EDMONSON

NDSC 27th Annual Conference: August 6-8, 1999 - Pittsburgh, PA

DS9900 Complete Set of Audio Tapes $328.00
DS9946V Friday Night General Session - Self-Advocates in the National Spotlight - Performers: Davina & Regina Hicks, Sujeet Desai / Emcee: Henrietta Messler (Video tape: $20.00 plus $2.00 Shipping)
DS9950V Complete Closing Plenary - Ballet Performance by Self-Advocates - Instructor: Allyson Cawood (Video tape: $20.00 plus $2.00)

Saturday, August 7, 1999

DS9947ab Saturday Morning Plenary Session - Opening / Welcome & Introduction - Master of Ceremonies - Betty Hersey, Frank Murphy / Master of Ceremonies - Kurt Asplundh / Speakers: We Are All Valuable Humans - Kristin Nichols / My Perspective - Joshua O'Neill / Keynote Speakers - Positive Supports for Families--You've Got to Be Kidding - Sue Pratt / Piracetam: Preliminary Research Findings - George T. Capone, M.D. / The Importance of IDEA '97 - Dixie Jordan / Building a Life of My Own - Kathy Lee, Connie Cantelupe (2 tapes $15.00)
DS9901a 1. Session I: Changes to IDEA '97 - Dixie Jordan
DS9901b 1. Session II. Discipline: Moving Beyond Punishment - Dixie Jordan
DS9902 2. Opening the Doors of Tomorrow, Today—The Impact of Full Inclusion for All Learners - Karen Gaffney
DS9903 3. Individualized Supports for Independent Living - Pat Fratangelo
DS9904 4. Supported Employment & School To Work Initiatives - Claudia E. Ernharth
DS9905 5. Long Term Planning for Persons with Disabilities - Timothy Pawol, Esp., Maria Smith
DS9906 6. Adapting the Classroom for Diverse Learners - Christi Kasa-Hendrickson, Alicia A. Broderick
DS9907a 7. Session I. Preparing for Speech (Infants & Toddlers) - Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS9907b 7. Session II: Comprehensive Speech & Language Treatment (Preschool-Elem) - Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS9908 8. Information Resources for Families and Educators - Donna Waghorn
DS9909 9. Planning for Family-Centered IFSPs - Deb Kunz
DS9910 10. The Outcomes of Inclusion: How & Why - Barbara & Michael Cardella
DS9911 11. Good Health: A Roundtable Discussion - Allen C. Crocker, M.D.
DS9912 12. Becoming Communicating Partners with Children with Down Syndrome - James D. MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS9913 13. Building a Life of My Own - Kathy Lee, Connie Cantelupe
DS9914 14. Important Medical Aspects of Down Syndrome - Siegfried Pueschel, MD, Ph.D., JD, MPH
DS9916 16. Organizing & Participating in Clinical Drug Trials - George T. Capone, M.D.
DS9917 17. The IEP Advantage...Making the Process Work for Your Child - Judy Martz
DS9918 18. Whose Behavior Is This, Anyway? - Sue Pratt
DS9919a 19. Session I: Gross Motor Development—Birth to Walking - Patricia C. Winders, PT
DS9919b 19. Session II: Gross Motor Development—From Walking to Age 6 - Patricia C. Winders, PT
DS9920 20. Yoga for Children with Down Syndrome - Sonia Sumar
DS9921 21. Practical Application of Behavior Management - Gail Owen
DS9922 22. Communication Devices, Computers & Effective Teaching: Talking and Writing Tools for Toddlers to Adults - Laura F. Meyers, Ph.D.
DS9948 Saturday Evening - Awards Banquet - Emcee: Humble Billy Hayes / Featured Speaker: Dr. Siegfried Pueschel

Sunday, August 8, 1999

DS9923 23. Teacher Effectiveness Strategies That Link with Student Success - John Blaine, Jennifer Cunningham
DS9924 24. Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder - George T. Capone, M.D.
DS9925 25. The Benefits of Teaching Classical Ballet to People with Down Syndrome - Allyson Cawood
DS9926 26. Using IDEA '97 to Gain Inclusion - Judith Gran, Esq.
DS9927 27. Everyone Belongs: Making Inclusion Happen in Early Education - Matthew Kelly
DS9928 28. Accessing the General Curriculum - Deb Kunz
DS9929 29. Conversations with Older Verbal Children with Down Syndrome - James D. MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
DS9930 30. Real Friendships Between Children—How Parents Can Promote Them - Judy Martz, MA
DS9931 31. Monitoring the Implementation of Your Child's IEP - Kathleen Marafino, Esq.
DS9932a 32. Session III: Food, Feeding & Family: Shaping Healthy Futures - Early Years - Joan E. Guthrie Medlen, R.D.
DS9932b 32. Session IV: Food, Feeding & Family - Teens & Adults - Joan E. Guthrie Medlen, R.D.
DS9934 34. A Team Approach to Feedling Difficulties - Gail Owen, Luci Massaro, OTR, Marybeth Trapani-Hanasewych, SLP
DS9936 36. Religious Education for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments - Tony & Diana Rock
DS9937 37. The World of Work - Jo Ann Simons, MSW
DS9938 38. Bridging Speech, Language & Communication Goals Using Augmentative Communication Methods - Emily Lipport, MA,. CCC,SLP, Lori Novak, LPT, Beth Sintoff, MS, CCC-SLP
DS9939 39. Recognizing Symptoms of Depression & Mania in Persons with Developmental Disabilities - Craig A. Taylor, M.D.
DS9940 40. Sensory Integration As a Treatment Option - Jennifer Thorsen, OTR
DS9941 41. How to Talk to Your Child About Personal Safety & Preventing Abuse - Pnina Tobin, MPA
DS9942 42. Working with the Police in Your Community - Lenore P. Wossidlo, Jill F. Lehman
DS9943 43. Preventive Dentistry for Individuals with Down Syndrome - Sindoor Desai, B.D.S.
DS9944 44. Heart Disease in Down Syndrome - Harm Velvis, M.D.
DS9945 45. What Happens to the Children of People Who Are Mentally Challenged? - Mary Judge, Margaret Myers, Lavenia Rogers, Leyte Tomahak
DS9949 Saturday Closing Plenary Session - MC: Jo Ann Simons / A Wonderful Life - Cherle Messler / Differentness - Allen C. Crocker, M.D.

NDSC 26th Annual Conference: August 7-9, 1998 - Dallas, TX

Plenary Sessions

K01. Opening Speakers: "Trailblazers from Texas" - Austin Davenport & Cindy Johnston
K02. "Self-Determination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities" - Thomas Nerney
K03. "The Importance of Belonging" - David A. Pitonyak, Ph.D.
K04. "Meeting the Needs of Brothers & Sisters: Strategies for Parents & Professionals" - Thomas H. Powell, Ed.D.
K05. "A Real Trail Blazer" - Tracy Hile
K06. "Nutrition in Persons with Down Syndrome" - Siegfried M. Pueschel, M.D., Ph.D., J.D., MPH
K07. "Targeted Nutritional Intervention in Down Syndrome" - Lawrence Leichtman, M.D.
K08. "Family Voices - How to Be Heard" - Representative Pete Sessions
K09. "NDSC Awards Keynote Speaker" - Coach Gene Stallings


001. "Self-Determination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities" - Thomas Nerney
002. "Meeting the Needs of Brothers & Sisters: Strategies for Parents & Professionals" - Thomas H. Powell, Ed.D.
004. "Supporting a Person with Challenging Behaviors/Supporting People Who Care" - David A. Pitonyak, Ph.D.
005. "Developmental Issues in Early Childhood" - Richard C. Adams, M.D.
006. "Ophthalmology Concerns in Down Syndrome" - Priscilla M. Berry, M.D.
007. "Communication & Literacy: Making the Connection" - Marguerite Burtis, MS, CCC-SLP & Mary Irene Burtis, MS, CCC-SLP
008. "What A Good Idea! A Simple Way to Plan Meaningful IEPs" - Charlene Comstock-Galagan
009. "The Americans with Disabilities Act: Creating New Opportunities for Health Insurance" - Garth A. Corbett, J.D.
010. "Alzheimer Disease & Down Syndrome: An Update" - Arthur J. Dalton, Ph.D.
011. "Hormonal Aspects of Children with Down Syndrome" - Bryan A. Dickson, M.D.
012. "A Multisensory Program for Teaching Reading" - Laura Felzer & Caroline Gonzales
013. "Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities" - Ben Franklin, CLU, ChFC, RHU, CFS
014. "Communication Ages & Stages: Setting Goals for the Future" - Carol Greenwald, Ed.D.
015. "From Backpack to Briefcase - Karrie Begins a Career" - Karin Innaimo, Karrie Blackwell, Belinda Eddington & Suzanne Senesac-Sherif
016. "Curricular Adaptations & Modifications for the General Education Classroom" - Deb Kunz
017. "Sensory Integration and Its Effects on Persons with Down Syndrome" - Elizabeth "Betty" McBride, OTR
019a. "Gross Motor Development - Birth to Walking" Patricia C. Winders, PT
019b. "Gross Motor Development - from Walking to Age 6" - Patricia C. Winders, PT
020. "First Words: Facilitating Language Development for 3-5 Year Olds" - Julie B. Noel, CCC-SLP; Susan Chafitz, CCC-SLP & Leslie Ward, CCC-SLP
021. "The Impact of Managed Care & the New Child Health Insurance Program on Persons with Disabilities" - R. Dwain Blackston, M.D.
022. "Common GI Problems: Symptoms, Syndromes & Treatment" - John M. Anderson, M.D.
024. "Guardianship: What Is It and When Is It Appropriate?" - Rick Berkobien & Karen Littlejohn
025. "Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Down Syndrome" - Kathleen R. Billings, M.D.
026. "Orthopedic Aspects in Children with Down Syndrome" - John G. Birch, M.D.
028. "Behavior Difficulties & Psychiatric Illness in People with Down Syndrome" - Debbie Clark, LMSW-ACP; Dave & Theresa Pittman; Lee & Linda Johnson; Katy Arbour
029. "Family Centered Approach to Health Concerns in Adults with Down Syndrome" - Robert James Clayton, M.D.
030. "Dental Concerns in Down Syndrome" - Brian D. Collins, DDS
031. "Keeping Healthy" - Allen C. Crocker, M.D.
032. "Why Special Olympics?" - Joe D. Elliott, David Dada, Suzanne & Cindy Johnston, Georgia & Jessica Smith
034. "Early Intervention: Know Your Rights" - Deb Kunz
035. "Monitoring the Implementation of Your Child's IEP" - Kathleen Marafino, J.D.
036. "The IEP Process - Making the Most of Your Role as a Parent" - Judy Martz
037. "Educational Evaluations & Parent Participation" - Allison Howe Metheny
039. "How to Talk to Your Child about Personal Safety & Preventing Abuse" - Pnina Tobin, MPA
040. "Person-Centered Planning for the Prevention of Secondary Conditions" - Lesa R. Walker, M.D., Hallie P. Duke, Ph.D. & Greg Roberts
041. "Genetics of Down Syndrome" - Golder Wilson, M.D., Ph.D.
043. Plenary Follow-Up Workshop - Moderator: Frank Murphy, Discussants: Siegfried Pueschel, M.D. & Lawrence Leichtman, M.D

NDSC 25th Annual Conference: August 8-10, 1997 - Phoenix, AZ

General Session/Keynote Speakers

K-01. "Self-Advocates in the National Spotlight: A Focus on the Arts" - Moderator: Allen Crocker, M.D.
K-02. "Voices that Count: My Research Report on Learning Language" - Mia Peterson
K-04. "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A.): Its Past, Present & Future" - Thomas K. Gilhool, Esq.
K-05. "What A Good Idea! Planning for Inclusion through the IEP" - Charlene Comstock-Galagan
K-06. "Nutritional Issues in Down Syndrome: Role of Nutrients in Health & Prevention of Disease" - Kent MacLeod, B.Sc., Phm.
K-07. "Self-Advocacy People with Down Syndrome in the 21st Century" - Nannie Marie Sanchez
K-08. "Ethical Issues in the Provision of Health Care to People with Down Syndrome" - Siegfried M. Pueschel, M.D., Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H.

Workshop Sessions

001. "Down Syndrome & Alzheimer Treatments: Prospects" - Arthur J. Dalton, Ph.D.
002. "Beginning with the End in Mind" - Jean Edwards. D.S.W. & Karen Gaffney
003a. "Gross Motor Development - Birth To Walking" - Patricia C. Winders, PT
003b. "Gross Motor Development - From Walking to Age 6" - Patricia C. Winders, PT
004. "Siblings Have Special Needs, Too" - Debbie Clark, LMSW-ACP, LMFT
005. "Learning Language: What's Easy & Hard for Kids & Adults with Down Syndrome" - Mia Peterson
006. "Nutritional Issues in Down Syndrome: Role of Nutrients in Health & Prevention of Disease" - Kent Macleod, B.Sc., Phm.
007. "The Pediatrician & the Child with Down Syndrome" - Siegfried M. Pueschel, M.D., Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H.
009. "What a Good Idea! Planning for Inclusion through the IEP" - Charlene Comstock-Galagan
010a. "Communicating with Preverbal Children with Down Syndrome" - James D. MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
010b. "Communicating with Verbal Children with Down Syndrome" - James D. MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
011. "Facilitating Friendships" - Judy Martz
013. "Food, Sex & Freedom: Preparing Your Child with Down Syndrome (& Yourself) for Supported Living" - Jo Ann Simons, MSW
014. "Inclusion-The Real Story... " - Marcie Roth
015. "Managed Care: Implications for Children with Special Care Needs" - R. Dwain Blackston, MD
016. "Novel Training Strategy for Amelioration of Language Learning Problems" - Steven L. Miller, Ph.D.
017. "Parent Training & Information Centers (P.T.I.S)" - Deb Kunz
018. "Occupational Therapy for Individuals with Down Syndrome" - Terry Higbee, OTR/L & Denise Miller
019. "Talking Transition - School To Work" - Myra & Joel Bone
020. "Technology & Language Learning: Toddlers Through Adults" - Laura F. Meyers, Ph.D.
021. "Preventative Health Care for Children with Down Syndrome" - Allen C. Crocker, M.D.
022. "Life & Estate Planning for Families of Persons with Down Syndrome" - Barton Y. Stevens. Chlap
023. "Pathway To A Higher I.Q.' (Inclusion Quotient): Teaching Salient Achievable Information" - Judie Hockel, Christi Hockel, Janice L. Wright & Karen D. Grites, MS
024. "How To Talk To Your Child About Personal Safety & Preventing Abuse" - Pnina Tobin, MPA
025. "Post Secondary Education; Transition To Independent Living (T.I.L.) Program" - Jeff Ross, Tracey Jarrett & Michael Clark, Ph.D.
026. "Inclusive Education for Preschoolers" - Linda S. Shields & Betsy Baker
027. "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do Iti" - Judie Walker & Charlotte Reed
028. "More Than A Spectator Sport-Staking Your Claim An Equal Participant in The IEP Process" - Kathleen Marafino, JD
029. "Inclusive Recreational Programs" - Susie Lord
030. "A Drive Toward Independence" - Iris S. Drower, Ph.D. & Brenda Bargmann

NDSC 24th Annual Conference: July 26-28, 1996 - Miami Beach, FL

Parent Group Leadership Seminar

PG-1. True Colors; Keys To Successful Communication And Conflict Resolution - Part 1 (2 Tapes) - Joahne Scaturro, M.S.W.
PG-2. True Colors: Keys To Successful Communication And Conflict Resolution - Part II (2 Tapes) - Joanne Scaturro, M.S.W.

General Session/Keynote Speakers

K-01. Self-Advocacy: "A Look At Total Inclusion" - Karen Gaffney & "Our Lives" - Mary Kate-Barron & Jonathan Barron
K-02. "Challenging Behavior: Learning To Please The Customer" - Wade Hitzing, Ph.D.
K-03. "Social Sexual Training: A Parent-Professional Partnership" - Jean Edwards, D.S.W.
K-04. "Supporting Individual Choice" - Richard Lepore
K-05. "Inclusive Education-Future Directions" - Diane Ryndak, Ph.D.
K-06. Self-Advocacy: "Life Goes On & On & On" - Chris Burke & "A Spotlight On The Presidents Committee On Mental Retardation & Its Goals" - Ann Forts
K-07. "That All May Worship: A Ramp Is Not Enough" - Ginny Thornburgh
K-08. "Transition Planning: How To Make School Make Sense" - Reed Martin, Esq.
K-09. "The Sandra Jensen Story" - William Bronston, M.D.

Workshop Sessions

001. "Challenging Behaviors: Learning To Please The Customer" - Wade Hitzing, Ph.D.
002. "Social Sexual Skills Training: A Parent-Professional Partnership" - Jean Edwards, D.S.W.
003. "Supporting Individual Choice" - Richard Lepore
004. "Determining The Focus of Instruction in Inclusive Settings" - Diane Ryndak, Ph.D.
005. "Dentistry And Down Syndrome" - Elizabeth Pilcher, D.M.D.
006. Living Options Panel - Joshua & Kenneth Edelson; Cherie & Henrietta Messier; Kristin & Carol Nichols; Laurie & Barbara Schramm
007. "Communicating with Children with Down Syndrome: A Parent-Based Approach" - James MacDonald, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
008. "Medical Aspects of Down Syndrome (Pediatrics)" - Golder Wilson, M.D., Ph.D.
009. "Oral Motor Intervention for Persons with Down Syndrome-Professional And Parent Perspectives" - Debra Beckman, MS, CCC-SLP; Julie Hagen; Karin Kraftchick; Kim Trawick
010. "High School Inclusion: Beyond The Easy Stuff-Two Real Life Stories of Success" - Jo Ann Simons & Judith F. Rhome
011. "Towards Preventive Adult Health Care" - Robert James Clayton, M.D.
012. "Orthopaedic Problems in Down Syndrome" - S. Michael Lawhon. M.D.
013. "Social Security Work Incentive Programs" - Teresa C. Rojas
014. "Best Buddies International" - Lisa Marlene Derx
016. "Our Lives" - Mary Kate Savage-Barron & Jonathan Barron
016. "Educational Rights & Choices for Your Preschooler" - Laurie Sallarulo
017. "Speech And Language Skills of Adolescents And Adults with Down Syndrome: Enhancing Communication" - Mark Leddy, Ph.D., CCC-SLP & Gary Gill, Ph.D.
018. "That All May Worship: A Ramp Is Not Enough" - Ginny Thornburgh
019. "Effective Advocacy for Inclusion: Getting A Program That Actually Meets Your Child's Needs" - Reed Martin.
020. "The Sandra Jensen Story" - William Bronston, M.D.
021 "Siblings Have Special Needs, Too..." - Debbie Clark, LMSW-ACP, LMFT
022. "Financial & Estate Planning for Families of Persons with Disabilities" - Mitchell Holeve
023. "Dolphin Human Therapy" - David E. Nathanson & Diane Sandelin
024. "Special Education Rights And Needs: Beyond I.D.E.A." - Steven Mendelsohn, Esq.
025. "Curriculum Adaptations in Inclusive Classrooms (Elementary School)" - Terri Ward & Cheryl Van De Mark
026. "Jobs-Inclusion Made The Difference" - Edie & Eric Brown
027. "Alternative Therapies" - Allen Crocker, M.D.
029. "Liberatory Literacy: Communication, the Printed Word and Young Children with Down Syndrome" - Chris Kliewer, Ph.D.
030. "Aging, Alzheimer Disease And Down Syndrome" - Arthur J. Dalton, Ph.D
031. "Curriculum Adaptations in Inclusive Classrooms (Secondary School)" - Terri Ward & Cheryl Van De Mark
032. "Advocacy & Systems Change Strategies for the Technological & Downsizing Era" - Steven Mendelsohn, Esq.

NDSC 23rd Annual Conference: August 25-27, 1995 - Washington, D.C.

Parent Group Leadership Seminar

G01 Gage-Snider Parent Group Leadership Seminar: "The Rationale for Cognitive Enhancing Agents in Down Syndrome" (2 tapes) - George T. Capone, M.D., Michael Johnston, M.D., Christine Hohmann, Ph.D., Parent Representative

General Assembly

R01 "Opening" - Frank Murphy "Welcoming Address" - Robert Willlams
R02 General Assembly - Sally Klages
R03 "The Up Side of Downs...A Love Story" - Layne & Shauna Johnson
P01 Panel Presentation; "Self-Advocates in the National Spotlight" - Mitchell Levitz, Ann Forts, Sarah Glenner

Keynote Speakers

K01 "Self-Advocacy" - Ann Forts
K02 "Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education" - Richard Villa, Ed.D.
K03 "On Belonging: Communities, Membership and Stories" - Dianne Ferguson, Ph.D.
K04 Medical Research Panel - Allen Crocker, M.D., Moderator, George T. Capone, M.D., Mark Schapiro, M.D., Felix de la Cruz, M.D., M.Ph., Colleen Jackson-Cook, Ph.D.
K05 "Legislative Overview; Can This Really Be Happening?" - Celane McWhorter
K06 "Supported Living: Coming Home to the Real Thing" - Kathy Perkins


001 "The Inclusion Puzzle: Organizational Strategies" - Richard Villa, Ed.D.
002 "Medical Research Panel" - Allen Crocker, M.D., George T. Capone, M.D., Mark Schapiro, M.D., Felix de la Cruz, M.D., Colleen Jackson-Cook, Ph.D.
003 "On Belonging: Communities, Membership and Stories" - Dianne Ferguson, Ph.D.
004 "Educational Reform and Inclusion" - Elleen Rivers, Ph.D. & Carol Quirk, Ed.D.
005 "Building a Home; Issues Families Face in Developing Supportive Living Arrangements for Their Children with Down Syndrome" - Jo Ann Simons
006 "Assistive Technology in the IEP" - Susan Goodman, J.D.
007 "Before the First Word: Helping Infants and Toddlers with Down Syndrome with Early Communication Skills" - Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
008 "Employes-Employer Panel" - David Goodman, Randolph Larsen, Ph.D., Matthew Starr, Ken Moore
010 "Psychiatric Disorders in Persons with Mental Retardation with Specific Attention to Down Syndrome" - Andrew Levitas, M.D.
011 "A Look at Full Inclusion" - Jean Edwards, D.S.W. & Karen Gaffney
012 "A Model of Gross Motor Development for Children with Down Syndrome-Two to Six Years" - Patricia Winders, PT
013 "Making the Grade: Stories of Successful Inclusion" - Parent Panel - Jane Browning, Phyllis Bellotte, Heidi Powell
014 "Preschool Inclusion and System Change" - Barbara Stewart
015 "Social & Behavloral Aspects of Aging in Adults with Down Syndrome" - Barbara Hawkins, Re.D, & Susan Eklund, Ph.D.
016 "Promoting Health in Adults with Down Syndrome" - Brian Chicoine, M.D. & Dennis McGuire, Ph.D.
017 "Musculoskeletal Problems & Down Syndrome" C. Michael Lawhon, M.D.
018 "Unified Sports" - Annette Lynch
019 "The lnclusion Puzzle: Curriculum, Instruction and Accommodations" - Richard Villa, Ed.D.
020 "Social Sexual Training: A Parent/Professional Partnership" - Jean Edwards, D.S.W.
021 "Occupational Therapy from a Parent Perspective" - Sharon Kaye, OTR/L
022 "The Up Side of Downs...A Love Story" - Layne & Shauna Johnson, Sheldon & Leverna Johnson
023 "Supported Living: Coming Home to the Real Thing" - Kathy Perkins
024 "Modifying Essential Curriculum for the General Education Classroom " - Marcie Roth
025 "Medical Update: Important Health Issues in the Care of Children with Down Syndrome" - Kenneth Rosenbaum, M.D., Stephen Epstein, M.D., Gerald Martin, M.D., Marijean Miller, M.D.
026 "Partners in Social-Sexual Education" - Mary Ann Carmody
027 "Medicaid Reform" - Allan I. Bergman
028 "Reauthorization of I.D.E.A." - Lisa Baach
029 "Positive Approaches to Behavior Change" - Kimberly A. Buckhalt
030 "Technology Enhanced Spoken & Written Language for Preschoolers & Elementary School Students" - Laura Meyers, Ph.D.
031 "Moving Right Along with lnclusion: Accommodating All Students in Inclusive Settings" -Sara Egorin-Hooper
032 "Aiming for Naturally Supported Employment" -John Coppola, Darlene Anderson-Alexander, Enrique Llanes, Melanie Sloniker-Larson
033 "Inclusion Goes to College: Transitioning to an Age-Appropriate Setting" - Lynne Sommerstein & Michelle Sommerstein
034 "Planning for the Future: Providing a Meaningful Life for a Child with Down Syndrome after Your Death" - L. Mark Russell, J.D.
035 "Down Syndrome, Aging and Alzheimer Disease" - Tamar Heller, Ph.D. & Meindert Haveman
036 "Who Will Be My Mother When Mom Dies" - Ken Moore & Leslie Moore
037 "Contemporary OB-GYN Topics in Down Syndrome" - Thomas E. Elkins, M.D.
038 "Role of the Down Syndrome Center" - Peter Fanning, Ed.D., Susan M. Anderson, M.D.
039 "Real People Can Make a Difference in the Public Policy Process" - Stephanie Smith Lee
040 "Technology Enhanced Spoken & Written Language for Secondary School Students & Adults" - Laura Meyers, Ph.D.
041 "Thyroid and Other Endocrine Disease in Down Syndrome" - L. Edwin Dodson, M.D.

NDSS 1998 Conference "The Future Is Ours" July 9-11: Delavan, WI

General Sessions

GS1 Learning to See - Michael Bérubé, Ph.D.
GS2 Inclusion Not Exclusion: All Means All - Judith Heumann
GS3 On the Road to Independence - Chris Burke, Jason Kingsley, Christina Bates
GS4 The Future Is Ours Panel - Charlie Epstein, M.D. Connie Hawkins, Stephanie Lee, Leslie Walker-Hirsch, M.Ed.
GS5 Alternative Therapies - Bonnie Patterson, M.D.
GS6 Research, Advocacy and Self-determination - Mia Paterson, Mitchell Levitz, Nannie Sanchez
GS7 Research Panel - Charlie Epstein, M.D., George Capone, M.D., Terry Hassold, Ph.D., Ira Lott, M.D., & David Patterson, Ph.D.
GS8 IDEA: Successes, Challenges and the Future - J. David Hoppe, Stephanie Lee, Patricia Smith & Madeleine Will
GS9 Young Adult Panel - Raymond Hu, Gretchen Josephson, Cathy Maccani, Katie Maly, & Nealy Rothe


W1 Health Maintenance - David Smith, M.D.
W2 Becoming Readers, Writers, Math Problem-Solvers & Participating in Regular Classes - Alison Ford, Ph.D.
W3 Food, Feeding and Family: Early Childhood Years - Joan Medlen, R.D.
W4 Food, Feeding and Family: Promoting Independence in School Age Children & Adults - Joan Medlen, R.D.
W5 Promoting Health for Adults with Down Syndrome - Brian Chicoine, M.D.
W6 Alternative Therapies - George Capone, M.D. & Bonnie Patterson, M.D.
W7 The Trickle Down Effect - How IDEA Reauthorization Might Affect Your State - Connie Hawkins
W8 Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All about You - Moll Mattheis
W9 Sexuality - William Schwab, M.D.
W10 Improving Communication Skills: Research to Practice - Jon Miller, Ph.D. & Peggy Rosin, M.S., CCC-SLP
W11 Prenatal Testing and other Ethical Issues Regarding Individuals with Down Syndrome - William Cohen, M.D. & Phil Mattheis, M.D.
W12 The Role of Physical Therapy in the Early Intervention Period - Patricia Winders, PT
W13 Families in Transition to Adulthood - Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Ph.D.
W14 Before Speech: Enhancing Early Language & Communication Skills - Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
W15 School Talk: Language Skills for Inclusion in Elementary School - Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
W16 Strategies for Successful Public Policy Advocacy - Stephanie Smith Lee
W17 Support to Children with Developmental Disabilities & Challenging Behaviors - Paul White, MA
W18 Down Syndrome and the Evolving World of Post-secondary Education: What Should We Look For - Jason Kingsley, Judith Lefkowitz & Tom O'Neill
W19 Assistive Technology: Asking the Right Questions - Jill Gierach
W20 Housing & Services for the New Millennium: A Public-Private Asset Management Model - Robert Davies
W21 Changing Time or Time for Change? - Kathryn Simic
W22 You Are Not Alone: A Message for New Parents - Patricia McGill Smith
W23 Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome - William Cohen, M.D. & Phil Mattheis, M.D.