Pull Through Rash Ointments

Inventive Solutions, Pull-thru Network News, Volume 3, Spring 1994. Reprinted with permission of Karen Brownlow, Pull-Thru Network

  1. Ilex Skin Protectant Paste®: protective barrier paste used for ostomy care and incontinence. Rave reviews from everyone who has used this paste. Order sources:
    1. 1 (800) 443-6332.
    2. Shield Healthcare, Valencia, CA 1-800-228-7150; $4.67 per tube.
    3. American Health Superstore, Rockville, MD, (301) 816 9600; $4.29 a tube.
  2. Carrington Gel: (a wound healer) applied after diaper changes.
  3. Aquafor Cream: (like Vaseline®) used on raw skin, stays on for a while; eucerite ointment base.
  4. Eucerin®: moisturizing cream used to keep skin soft.
  5. Balnol: (perianal cleanser) wipe down with cosmetic cotton squares. Gets the skin clean, no need to rinse.
  6. Silvadene: (burn cream) apply to rash.
  7. Questrin powder (mixed with Aquafor) apply to rash; prescription medication generally used to lower cholesterol when taken orally.
  8. Baby Oil and Tissues: used to clean bottom.
  9. Stomahesive® Protective Powder with Ihle's Paste: start with a dusting of Stomahesive® powder and apply Ihle's Paste on top.
  10. United Skin Care System
    1. Uni-Wash: cleanses and deodorizes; dissolves feces, urine and emesis residue for easy removal. Soapless with a pH factor that prevents dryness and irritation. Helps reduce odor.
    2. Uni-Solve: provides a water repellent shield against external fluids. Helps retain natural skin moisture. Use to prevent skin breakdown due to dryness, friction, pressures and incontinence.
  11. Sween Company
    1. Critic-Aid: a thick paste containing zinc oxide and an antimicrobial ingredient, apply to skin between diaper changes.
    2. Peri-Wash: Feces and urine emulsifier. It loosens and softens feces for easier removal from thin sensitive skin, therefore, reducing irritation and formation of denuded skin around anus.
    3. Peri-wash II: same action as Peri-Wash but contains an antimicrobial agent.
    4. Peri-Care: moisture barrier ointment. Provides a protective moisture barrier against urine and feces. Contains Casein which acts as a buffer between the skin and proteolytic enzymes present in feces and urine.
  12. Gynelotrimin: vaginal infection medications can sometimes work on yeast type rashes.
  13. Aloe: apply fresh aloe to rash area; let dry well and then apply Desitin® Diaper Rash Ointment and A & D® Ointment on top of dried aloe.
  14. Prescription Diaper Cream Dr. Feinsod: contains petrolatum, cholesterol and cottonseed oil. Available at Richmond Way, Cedarhurst, NY (516) 374-2626, Contact: Brad Jacobson.
  15. Aveeno Bath: leave diaper off, apply baking soda to bottom to remove sting.
  16. Nurse's Remedy
    1. Mix the following together. Zinc oxide, A & D® Ointment, Nystatin cream, Tincture of Benzoine (5 drops) and Stomahesive® powder to make a smooth consistency and apply after each diaper rash.
    2. Mix the following in equal parts. Zinc oxide, A & D® Ointment, Nystatin cream, Tincture of Benzoine (5 drops) and thick part of Maalox®.

Other suggestions:
  1. Calmoseptine Ointment

  Revised: February 22, 1998.