Piracetam (1-acetamido-2-pyrrolidone) is a cyclic derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and the first representative of what are commonly known as the "nootropic" drugs. C.E. Giurgea, the principal Piracetam researcher and research coordinator for UCB, derived the term "nootropic" from the Greek "noos" mind, and "tropein" to turn toward. The active ingredient has a very bitter taste.

The recommended starting dosage per Lawrence G. Leichtman, M.D. FAAP, FACMG is 75 mg per body weight in kilograms per day. Select from drop down, target mg/kg/day and desired weight to calcuate daily dosage.

Reduce dosage if hyperactivity is noticed. Dosages under 30 mg are below the threshold for a positive outcome. Start dosage after age six months: dosages for babies under six months, although harmless, are too small to be effective, i.e., not enough lipid peroxidation for Piracetam to be effective.

Piracetam has a half life of 6 to 8 hours, i.e., half of the ingested amount is metabolized in the first 6 to 8 hours. There is no known storage mechanism for Piracetam. Because of the short half life, it is desirable to dose three times a day, about 6 hours apart (never less than 4 hours), to keep a steady state level.

Many children and adults report sleep-related problems taking Piracetam before bed because it does seem to increase general CNS (central nervous system) activity.

Do not store liquid Piracetam above 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit). Keep the solution our of the reach of children. Refrigeration is not necessary, else crystallization will occur; store in cool, dark place. For flavored Piracetam follow the storage recommendation of the compounding pharmacy. Saturation point of Piracetam is 1 gram per cc.

Piracetam Liquidml/day3x/day2x/day
33% solution [1 g/3 ml or 1.666 g/5 ml] Masters Marketing Company)
100 mg per ml solution (Hazle Drugs, INI)
150 mg per ml solution (Hazle Drugs)
300 mg per ml solution (Hazle Drugs, INI)
 20% solution [20 g/100 ml or 1 g/5 ml or 200 mg per ml] (International Antiaging Systems
300 mg per 5 ml solution (Nootron, Biosintética)

Piracetam Tablet or Capsule or [Bulk (Cognitive Nutrition)]  mg/day  3x/day  2x/day 
 Brand name: Nootropil™, UCB, Belgium