NuTriVene-D® Frequently Asked Questions

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NuTriVene-D® Complete Package (Daily Supplement, Daily Enzyme & NightTime Formula)

Powder form mixes with infant formulas, baby foods, yogurts, drinks, etc. Microencapsulated (powder) is coated to reduce vitamin taste. Also available in convenient capsule form. Add $6.95 for shipping and handling.
Daily Supplement Powder: $74.00
Daily Supplement Microencapsulated: $80.00
Daily Supplement Capsules: $78.00


Individual Components (when sold separately)
Daily Supplement Powder$56.00
Microencapsulated $62.00
Daily Enzyme$10.00
NightTime Formula$14.00

Initial Direction for Use

Upon receipt of your first order of NuTriVene-D®, introduce one product at a time, beginning with the Daily Supplement, then the Daily Enzyme Formula, and lastly the NightTime Formula. Begin the Daily Supplement at ½ of the recommended dose and work up to the full dose by the end of the week. At week 2, add the Daily Enzyme Formula at ½ of the recommended dose and work up to the full dose by the end of the week. At week 3, begin the NightTime Formula at ½ of the recommended dose and also work up to the full dose by the end of the week. For infants under 3 months, we recommend starting at ¼ the recommended dose of each product and work up to the full dose of each product after 2-week periods, i.e., Daily Supplement: weeks one and two; Daily Enzyme: weeks three and four; NightTime Formula: weeks five and six.

Trisomy 21 Research Foundation Recommended Protocol for Down Syndrome

Example Schedule - 3 Times Daily (Preferred)
MorningDaily Supplement, Daily Enzyme, Vitamin D, DHA/EPA, Ginkgo Biloba, Probiotic, Piracetam and/or C.I. drug or NMDA drug
Mid-DayDaily Supplement, Daily Enzyme
Afternoon   Daily Supplement, Daily Enzyme, DHA/EPA, Ginkgo Biloba, Probiotic, Piracetam and/or C.I. drug or NMDA drug
EveningNightTime Formula, Longvida™ Curcumin (up to 1 hour before bedtime)

Example Schedule - 2 Times Daily (Alternative)
MorningDaily Supplement, Daily Enzyme, Vitamin D, DHA/EPA, Ginkgo Biloba, Probiotic, Piracetam and/or C.I. drug or NMDA drug
Afternoon   Daily Supplement, Daily Enzyme, DHA/EPA, Piracetam and/or C.I. drug or NMDA drug
EveningNightTime Formula, Longvida™ Curcumin (up to 1 hour before bedtime)

Daily Supplement (2 or 3 times per day)

The Daily Supplement should be given three times per day and preferably at meal times. Providing NuTriVene-D® three times per day will help to keep the water soluble vitamins and nutrients in your child's body for longer periods of time. If giving NuTriVene-D® three times per day is not practical, then divide daily dosage into halves. The Daily Supplement powder can then be added to apple juice, applesauce, yogurt, infant formula, or anything else that will help to mask the taste. It is not necessary to divide the product exactly with razor blades, scales, etc.
When adding the powder to liquids, add the powder to a small amount of liquid first. Thoroughly mix in order to remove powder balls, then add mixture to larger amount of liquid. Product will not completely dissolve in liquid. Product may clog regular bottle nipples (Evenflo® Juice Crosscut Nipples work well). You may wish to use devices for introducing medicines to infants such as large droppers, oral syringes, etc.

Daily Enzyme Formula

Gently pinch ends of unbanded capsule and pull apart. Sprinkle one-third of daily dose into juice or food. Enzymes can be mixed with Daily Supplement. Note: enzymes will increase absorption of nutrients. Your child may need to adjust to this increased level. It is advisable to introduce the enzymes at half of the recommended daily dose for the first few days. Then, gradually increase to the required dose. Capsule should be reattached and stored for future use. If your child experiences vomiting, diarrhea, or a significant increase in spitting up, discontinue use of Daily Enzyme and contact International Nutrition at (800) 899-3413 as soon as possible for changes in dosage instruction. Do not use NuTriVene-D Daily Enzyme if gastroesophageal reflux is present.
Digestive enzymes are secreted along the gastrointestinal tract to help break down foods that enable nutrients to be better absorbed in the bloodstream. According to research, individuals with Down syndrome "may expend greater energy handling nutrients in the intestines as compared to individuals without Down syndrome given the same diet." Cefalu J A. et al: Jejunal Function and Plasma Amino Acid Concentrations in the Segmental Trisomic Ts65Dn Mouse. Growth, Development & Aging 62:47-59, 1998.

NightTime Formula

Administer capsules or gently pinch and twist the ends of the unbanded capsule and pull apart. Add required dosage to juice or food during last snack or feeding just prior to bedtime. Reattach capsule for future use. Administer NightTime Formula only one time per day just prior to bedtime, i.e., one hour from bedtime. The reason for the one hour instruction is that at times the combination of the last dose of the Daily Supplement and the NightTime together can cause difficulty going to sleep. If it does not cause a problem, then there is no other reason not to do them together.
Important: We do not recommend providing the NightTime Formula with protein sources, i.e., milk, yogurt, baby food, meats, ice cream, etc. as protein may interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the NightTime formula. Further, protein sources should be avoided one hour before and after providing the NightTime Formula. The NightTime Formula may be given with juice drinks, canned fruits, applesauce, etc. If your child is an infant, you may include the NightTime Formula with infant formula and/or breast milk. Should your child experience a change in sleep patterns, reduce the dosage by one-half or contact International Nutrition at (800) 899-3413 for assistance.

Additional Notes

Taste-Enhancing Options and Suggestions for NuTriVene-D®

NuTriVene-D® Microencapsulated Daily Supplement
Convinient form has significantly less vitamin aroma and taste by microencapsulating the B vitamins, and does not alter the color of foods when compared to the current NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement. You may be interested in this product if you have had some difficulty getting your child to take the NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement. International Nutrition, Inc. will continue to offer the current NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement in powder and capsule forms as well.
NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement is designed to become tasteless in acidic pH such as Tang® or other acidic fruit juices. It takes less than a half ounce of Tang® to hide the taste of NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement. In addition, carbonation will not hurt the nutrients if taken with colas. Following is a list of taste-enhancing suggestions to be mixed with NuTriVene-D® Daily Supplement:

Other Tips:

Try not to mix NuTriVene® Daily Supplement in front of your child.
Refrigerating NuTriVene® Daily Supplement may reduce some of the vitamin taste.
If possible, don't let your child know when he/she is getting NuTriVene® Daily Supplement in foods and drinks. Don't make giving NuTriVene® Daily Supplement an unpleasant experience. If you have other children who are taking vitamins or if you and your spouse take dietary supplements, make it a ritual to take your supplements together so that your child doesn't feel he/she is the only one who has to take them.

For Infants:

If your infant is objecting to the taste of NuTriVene® Daily Supplement Powder in formula or breastmilk, try putting NuTriVene® Daily Supplement Powder in a small amount of formula or breastmilk and put in an oral syringe. Squirt the NuTriVene® mixture towards the back of the mouth so that you are missing most of your infants tastebuds. Or, squirt the liquid between the gums and cheek and gently pinch your infant's cheek to trigger his/her swallowing reflex.

If none of these things work, call International Nutrition, Inc. at (800) 899-3413 or (410) 902-1760 or contact a custom compounding pharmacy near you to see if they can develop a mixture that works for your child. Please keep in mind, however, that usually when NuTriVene® Daily Supplement is reconstituted in a liquid or other form, the shelf-life of the product is greatly diminished (ask your pharmacist for more specific information). You could also ask the pharmacy to mix just a 2 or 3-week supply at a time.

Side Effects/Reactions

Daily Supplement

Daily Enzyme

NightTime Formula

There are no known drug interactions with Nutrivene-D products.