MSBPlus™ Frequently Asked Questions

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Age MSBPlus V7
3 mo. - 2 yr. 1 scope daily
2 - 6 years  2 scoops or 5 capsules daily 
> 6 years  4 scoops or 10 capsules daily 
Note: capsules do not contain Southern Splash flavoring.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When starting the MSBPlus, many of the people who contact Nutri-Chem™ have similar questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns that aren't answered here.
  1. At what age can I start my baby on MSBPlus?
    We do not recommend giving the MSBPlus formula 3 children under the age of 3 months. The digestive system in children this young is very immature and stomach upset may occur. Please contact Nutri-Chem™ to find out about options for infants.
  2. Why is the dosage determined by the child's age rather than by the weight?
    We dose the formula by age group because the recommended daily requirements are defined by age. We use weight as a secondary guideline.
  3. What is the best way to give my child the supplement?
    The formula should be taken with food and can be split into smaller amounts, and taken throughout the day. Simply mix with water or juice and drink as a beverage. It can also be mixed foods such as yogurt, applesauce, pudding, or jam and jelly.
  4. Are there any side effects I should look for when starting the MSBPlus?
    Sometimes in young children, stomach upset will be noted. We encourage parents to speak with one of our biochemists for special dosing instructions if this is an issue. Also, we always recommend taking supplements with meals.
  5. My child has another medical condition and/or is on medication. Will MSBPlus interfere with this?
    At the time of your order, we recommend that you mention what medications your child is taking or other existing medical conditions. Our biochemists (also licensed pharmacists) will be able to determine if any interactions will occur, and modifications to the formula can be made if necessary.
  6. Do I need to do any blood/urine analysis before starting on the vitamin supplement?
    It isn't necessary to have the laboratory work done prior to starting the formula, however testing may be beneficial to address individual needs. Many of the families we work with use our most current base formula.
  7. I would like to talk to another parent that uses MSBPlus. Is there someone willing to talk to other parents?
    Nutri-Chem™ offers helpful information to our customers through our newsletter Bridges, as well as access to our Parent Network. Families that have used MSBPlus and who are interested in sharing their experiences have joined the Parent Network. Call Nutri-Chem™ and ask for a family with a child at a similar age as your child, or for a family that lives in your area.
  8. How can I involve my doctor? Can she/he review your material or talk to one of your chemists?
    We recommend consulting with your physician prior to starting any nutritional supplement. We can send your doctor information about MSBPlus for them to review; they arc welcome to contact our biochemists to ask any questions.
  9. How important is iron in the MSBPlus formula?
    As a child grows and develops, the blood volume increases and consequently the need for iron increases. Iron is absolutely essential for a growing and developing child.

MSBPlus™ V7

Removed a few items (bomelain, papian, and pancreatic enzymes) and change to a chelated source of minerals with a better tasting vitamin formula.
Beta Carotene: increased from 2000 to 3000 IU
Testing in our laboratory has shown that every child can benefit from increased beta carotene– it is also a safe way to get Vitamin A.
Vitamin D: increased from 120 to 500 IU
Recent research has indicated that North Americans require much more Vitamin D.
Mixed Tocopherols: decreased from 400 to 200 IU
Using mixed tocopherols instead of alpha tocopherol allows us to provide a broader antioxidant spectrum and allows us to reduce the amount necessary.
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate: New for V7
'P5P' is the active form of Vitamin B6. We have been using it for years in custom formulas and are pleased to introduce for MSBPlus V7.
Vitamin B12: increased from 100 to 200 mcg
Vitamin B12 is a SAM cycle co-factor. Testing has revealed higher necessities.
Methylcobalamin: Increased from 2 to 10 mcg
The increase in methylcobalamin is based on testing and as the active form of vitamin B12 it aids in the support of the SAM cycle.
L-Arginine; New for V7
L-Arginine replaces L-Ornithine for V7. It simulates the release of growth hormone, improves circulation, and can be converted to L-Ornithine naturally.
Lycopene: increased from 25 to 30 mg
The increase in lycopene is a small adjustment based on testing in our laboratory.
Alpha-ketoglutaric Acid: reduced from 600 to 150 mg
Testing has shown a reduced need for alpha- ketoglutaric acid and, where necessary, can be adjusted with customization.
Iodine: increased from 9 to 25 mcg
The increase in iodine is to provide support to thyroid function. Testing of thyroid can allow us to further customize the amount needed.
Trimethylglycine: New for V7
Trimethylglycine supports the SAM cycle and the production of several neurotransmitters.