Longvida™ Dosage & Cost

Longvida™ is the most bioavailable form of curcumin, an powerful antioxidant with experimental evidence decreasing amyloid plaques.
Dosage: one time per day, preferably at bedtime:¹,²,³ up to 2000 mg of Longvida™ (equal to either 4 capsules or 4 scoops or 1 teaspoon) for all ages². For young children begin at 1 capsule or 1 scoop per day and work up to higher dosage over a period of time³.
Longvida™ is shelf stable and has an expiration date of at least two years in dark, dry, room temperature conditions. Be sure to keep it out of direct light as curcumin may degrade over time from exposure to UV radiation.
Longvida™ contains no sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, egg, salt, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives.


Due to diet issues, start Longvida until one year of age²,³.
Use during chemotherapy should only be done under the direct supervision of a qualified health professional. Curcumin may enhance the effects of anti-platelet drugs, high doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,and warfarin. Do not take this product if you have biliary tract obstruction or are taking a steroidal anti-inflammatory like prednisone. Odd smelling urine and stool have been reported³.

Other Ingredients

Longvida™ may contain microcrystallin cellulose and ingredients made from corn and soy.

Dosage, Supply and Cost per Day and Month per Capsule

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