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Christian Families Home Schooling a Child with Down Syndrome: Later Preschool Resources
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This pamphlet was prepared by Diane Brown
120 Lullwater Road
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 235-3323
Permission is given to copy with proper credits.
Note: Any prices given are approximate.

Preschool level material would be for Down syndrome children about ages 4-6+
Before choosing resources, know where your child is in his skill development. Then you will know what skills he needs to work on next and be better able to choose the resources you need.
Sample Skill list for this age group: Later Preschool
     As your child grows, the gap will widen between his development and that of normally developing children. As you think about what your child needs at this level, consider the following: How do you teach a child who is on so many different levels?
Instead of being overwhelmed (which can easily happen at this point) here is a suggestion that will give you a place to start. Most developmental skill lists are divided into several major areas such as the following:      Sit down and write these areas on a sheet of paper. Check your skill checklist (using a list such as the Brigance Inventory) to see where your child is developmentally and then write down one obtainable goal for each area. (Later you can add more skills to each area if desired.) Jot down some activities by which that goal will be obtained. Ask others teaching preschoolers for ideas of activities that will give practice of the skills. Check on some preschool resources. Then write Sunday-Saturday on another sheet of paper. Divide each day into hourly time blocks. Block off times that cannot be used, such as meal times and certain subjects for the other children. Next, write in the activities that you want to teach your special child. Your plan does not need to be detailed. (Note: You may never actually follow this timed schedule, but if you do not plan then nothing will get done.) Many teaching times will come during such times as chore time to give practice sorting toys and meal times to work on the words "please" and "thank you." Because children with Downs do not learn very fast, the same plans may suit you for several weeks before you need to change them. The following resources may help you in reaching your goals at this stage.


Frank Schaffer
Instructional Materials
See your local teacher-supply store or call 1-800-421-5565 for a catalogue
Two preschool catalogues from Frank Schaffer are Fearon and Totline. Totline has a series, My First Coloring Book Series. This series has all black backgrounds. There are no lines to cross. The pictures are simple and appropriate for special needs children with fine motor difficulties.
School Zone
PO Box 777
Grand Haven, MI 49417
This company has many preschool activities.
While I do not know of anyone using their reading curriculum for a child with Down syndrome, there are two workbooks that have some value because of their simplicity. (Books above are designed for 2-3 year olds but may be appropriate for a 3 or 5-year-old child with Down syndrome beginning numbers.)
Thresholds for Threes: Activity Packet
Bob Jones University Press
This packet is full of a variety of activities. It includes fun activities for colors, letters, numbers, fine motor activities such as lacing, and seasonal and holiday activities.

"School" is Every Day Living
I hope that this pamphlet will give you a starting place and help you plan as you raise the special gift that God has given to you.

Revised: November 25, 2001.