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Christian Families Home Schooling a Child with Down Syndrome: Early Preschool Resources
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This pamphlet was prepared by Diane Brown
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Note: Any prices given are approximate.

Preschool level material would be for Down syndrome children about ages 3-4+
Before choosing resources, know where your child is in his skill development. Then you will know what skills he needs to work on next and be better able to choose the resources you need.
Sample Skill list for this age group: After Early Intervention Ends
     If you have chosen to do preschool with your child at home, the following information may be helpful. There are a few items to consider as you embark on your journey to teach your child.

Keep in mind as you look for resources for this age level

A list of skills for birth through about age 5 is useful for teaching your child at this level
     You do not need a curriculum as such during this time. All you need to know is where your child is in his development and what comes next. You might obtain such a list from the following sources:

Expose your child to situations and places and use teachable moments
     After you have a list of skills and know where your child is in his development, the best way to teach these skills is with everyday life. Use chores and teachable moments as they arise to work on skills.


Mommy Knows Best
Not all of the activities mentioned on this page will be appropriate for your child. You know your child best and will need to decide what your goals are for your child as an early preschooler. May the Lord give you the guidance and wisdom needed for your journey.

Revised: November 25, 2001.