HAP Caps Dosage & Cost

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Dosage, Supply and Cost per Day by Weight Table

Each HAP Caps (High Achievement Potential Capsules) bottle contains 120 capsules and costs:
A.M.: $30.00/bottle
P.M.: $30.00/bottle
Shipping charges: $30-$70 = $6.00; $80-$120 = $8.00; $121-$150 = $10.00.

To give HAP Caps in liquid form, open each capsule and mix with juice or milk. Avoid cow's milk due to lactose intolerance. For non-nursing children use Vitamite (canola based, lactose free milk), rice milk or soy milk.
To give HAP Caps in food, open each capsule and mix with cereal, fruit-flavored applesauce, etc.
Store HAP Caps in cool, dark, dry place. May be refrigerated.

Other Recommendations

Thyroid Monitoring
Every 6 months for children up to 4 years of age. Yearly monitoring for 5 years of age and older. T4 level should be at least 8.5 up to the normal limit. If low, an appropriate dose of thyroid supplement should be given daily.
Flaxseed Oil
Under 1 year of age = ¾ teaspoon/day; 1–2 yrs = 1 teaspoon/day; 2–3 yrs. = 2 teaspoons/day; 3+ yrs. = 1 tablespoon/day. Must be refrigerated.
Purpose: aids in absorption, healthy skin, relieves asthma and improves allergy control.
DMG (Dimethylglycine)
30 mg twice a day up to 125 mg depending upon weight.
Purpose: speech, alertness, activity level, appetite. DMG is a food found in small amounts in rice hulls.
Medications and Chemicals to Avoid
Sulfa, Prednisone, Bactrim, Septra and Pediazole. They suppress the thyroid gland. Use only if absolutely needed.
Do not use Amoxicillan, instead request Augmentin, Ceftrim, Biaxin or Zithromax (Z-Pack).
Never use the anesthetic Atropine for any surgery, eye exams or dental surgery.
Avoid spirulina due to its SOD content.
Cervical Spine X-ray
Up to 5 mm in children of anterior subluxation of the C1 ring with respect to the dens with the flexion maneuver. X-rays should be taken at ages 4, 8 & 12 years.
Annual Eye Examination and Evaluation
Recommended for all people with Down syndrome for any eye and/or vision abnormalities. Tests should include snellen dark field adaptation, convergence/divergence and proper tracking. Of primary concern is determining that people who are already fitted and wearing lenses have the proper plus power indicated for a person with Down syndrome.
Physical Therapy
Regular physical therapy is recommended to increase muscle strength and coordination. Examination of the feet for ankle pronation should be made and orthotics for foot support provided, if necessary.
Oral Motor Skills
In addition to speech therapy, age-appropriate oral motor skills training and exercises should be taught. Suggestions may include oral motor function, tooth grinding and strengthening of the tongue.