A Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome: Toward a Brighter Future
Motor Development & Self-Help Skills Milestones
A Circle of Friends II. Bringing Love and Hope to Those with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome and Hirschsprung Disease
Father to Father
John and the Art of Learning
A Different Kind of Perfect; The Story of Parents' Choices and A Special Child
Adventures in the Mainstream Excerpts:
Saturday, June 22, 2002. Aran Islands
Friday, June 28, 2002, 10 p.m.
Saturday, May 22, 2004
After the Fire: The Destruction of the Lancaster County Amish
ARC Family Diaries, The
A Grandmother's Special Gift
He's cool
Augmentative and Alternative Communication: European Perspectives
Enhancing Communication Skills of Children with Down Syndrome: Early Use of Manual Signs
Babies with Down syndrome: A new parents guide
Developmental Milestones
Billy. A family's experience with multiply disabled child
Life with Down's Syndrome
Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy
Chapter One: 20 Questions
Down Syndrome: A Promising Future Together
Family Values
Down Syndrome: Living and Learning in the Community
Alzheimer Disease: A Health Risk of Growing Older with Down Syndrome
He Has Up Syndrome Not Down Syndrome
Gross motor skills in children with Down syndrome: A guide for parents and professionals
Gross Motor Milestone Statistics
Jenessa's Journey
Chapter One Excerpt
Lives and Times: Practice, Policy and People with Disabilities
Chapter 11 Spanish and Irish Images of Special Needs: Perceptions of Inclusion Excerpt: A Qualitative Approach to Perception of Down Syndrome in Ireland and Spain
Le Professeur Lejeune, fondateur de la génétique moderne
Looking up at Down syndrome
Overview: The Cognitive Modifiability of Persons with Down Syndrome: A Future-Oriented Perspective
Manual for Teaching Adaptive Tennis
Teaching Those with Down Syndrome
Medical & Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome. A guide for Parents
Alopecia Areata
Medical care in Down syndrome: A preventative medicine approach
Is Obesity Inevitable?
My Gift: The Magic of a Special Child
Excerpts: Poetry
Natural Harmony: Jade's Story
New Perspectives on Down Syndrome
Chapter 9: Language and Communication Characteristics of Children with Down Syndrome
Onward, Crispy Shoulders! An Extraordinary Life with an Extra Chromosome
Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
Chapter 29: The Way Up From Down's Syndrome
Special Needs, Special Horses: A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
Chapter 27: Nick—Down Syndrome
Speechless: Facilitating Communication for People without Voices
What's the Product of 3 Times 21?
The Clowns of God
The Effectiveness of Early Intervention
The Effectiveness of Early Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome
The Five Goodbyes. Mothering My Child with Down Syndrome Excerpts:
Prologue & Molly's First Day of Kindergarten
Molly's First Communion
The Message Glorious
The Ontogeny Of Cognitive Modifiability: Applied Aspects of Mediated Learning Experience and Instrumental Enrichment
Ecological Influences in the Development of Brain-Impaired Children: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
Theology and Down Syndrome: Reimagining Disability in Late Modernity
Complicating salvation: intellectual disability and Down syndrome
Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child with a Disability
Life Goes On
Ups & Downs
Paul Carter
Wendy's Wisdom: The Challenges and Accomplishments of a Woman with Down Syndrome
Yoga for the special child
Chapter 2: Case Histories and Commentaries
You Love Me!! Don't Accept Me As I Am
Chapter 15: Peetjie. A Successful Integration, Thanks to Professor Feuerstein's Method
You Will Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children with Disabilities
The Perfect Daughter


Teaching Students with Down Syndrome
The Educational Challenges Inclusion Study
Positive Steps for Social Inclusion
Workbook on the Special Needs and Services with Disabilities
Entitlement Programs


ACT Down Syndrome Conference
Life Long Learning
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA 2004
Fathers' Reactions to Their Child's Diagnosis of Down Syndrome
Coleman Institute Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology, Bolder, CO 2008
Life as Jamie Knows It
Down Syndrome World Conference, Madrid, Spain, October 1997
Dental Care for the Patient with Down Syndrome
Learning Elementary Maths: Case Study of a Dutch Boy
Metabolic Supplement for Correction of Raging Free Radicals in Trisomy 21. A Noncomparative Open Case Study
Teenagers with Down Syndrome Study Algebra in High School
9th World Down Syndrome Congress, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August 2006
Exploring the Neurobiological Basis for Cognitive Problems in Down Syndrome
Language Impairment Is Associated With Decreased Plasma Coenzyme Q10 Levels in Children With Down Syndrome
Teaching Students with Down Syndrome
Early Childhood Intervention Australia National Conference, July 1-3, 2000
Mixed Feelings—A Parental Perspective on Early Intervention
1st Biennial Scientific Conference on Down Syndrome, April 1998
Cognitive Development in Young Children with Down Syndrome: Developmental Strengths, Developmental Weaknesses
ISAAC Biennial Conference Dublin, August 24-27, 1998
Early Manual Sign Intervention: Eight-year Follow-up of Children with Down Syndrome
Remarkable Families Symposium, Cintas Center, Xavier University, April 3, 2009
Keynote Address
MINDS-ESCAP/Millennium Symposium on Intellectual Disability, Singapore, Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2000
Living with Down Syndrome: The New Generation
National Association for Dual Diagnosis II Conference, 1995
Pharmacological Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in Down's Syndrome Individuals: Comparison with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders of Non-Down's Mentally Retarded Persons
NDSC 25th Annual 1997 Conference
Down Syndrome and Learning to Talk
NDSC 27th Annual 1999 Conference
Communication Devices, Computers and Effective Teaching: Talking and Writing Tools for Toddlers to Adults
NDSS 1999 San Diego, CA
Recent Research on Down Syndrome
Orthomolecular Health-Medicine Society 8th Annual Scientific Program. March 1, 2002. San Francisco, CA
Orthomolecular Therapy and Down Syndrome: Rationale and Clinical Results
2nd International Conference "Motor Control in Down Syndrome".; November 19-20, 1994. Chicago, IL
Cerebral Specialization and Motor Control in Adults with Down Syndrome I: The Development of a Model
Trisomy 21 Research Conference. September 13-14, 2003. New Orleans, LA
Cystathionine Beta-Synthase (CBS): More Than Just Folate Trapping?
Evidence for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Down Syndrome
Visual Enhancement for People with Down Syndrome
6th International Congress on Amino Acids, Bonn 1999
Glutamine as the Key Amino Acid in Promoting Cell-Mediated Immunity: 20 Years of Clinical Experience
X World Congress on the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities, Helsinki, Finland, July 1996
Drug Therapy in Mental Retardation


Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis Educational Series Meeting. July 12, 2004.
Oral Motor Myths and Speech Therapy Options for Children with Down Syndrome Beginning at Birth


21 Canadian Down Syndrome Society Newsletter
Response Time, Errorless Learning and Explicit Error Correction
Three Two One  
The Teen Scene Observations on Adolescence
Acta Pædiatrica
The Joy of Having a Child with Down Syndrome
Weight Level for Persons with Down Syndrome
Alestle, The
Student reaches goal, helps educate others
All About Kids
You Should See Her Teach
Alton Telegraph, The
'Joe Boss' - Volunteer puts skills to use at food pantry
Letter to the Editor
Perfect Treatment
'Joe Boss' - Volunteer puts skills to use at food pantry
Dragen, Here is your letter
American Baby
New Test for Down Syndrome
Special Addition
American Journal of Neuroradiology
Premature Aging in Persons with Down Syndrome: MR Findings
American Journal on Mental Retardation
Learning about Happiness from Persons with Down Syndrome: Feeling the Sense of Joy and Contentment
Angle Orthodontist, The
Intervention and Patients with Down Syndrome. The Role of Inclusion, Technology and Leadership
Orthodontic Considerations in Individuals with Down Syndrome: A Case Report
Annals of Internal Medicine
For Corrie
Associated Press
Worries, hard work and rewards: A child with Down syndrome can bring out the best in a parent
At The Center
Behavior Paves the Road to Success
Beyond Limitations
Graduation: The Writing of a Success Story
Atlantic Monthly, The
The Right to Die
Belleville News-Democrat
15-year-old with Down syndrome graduates with honors
'Look at her now': Collinsville girl brings home Special Olympics gold, silver for ailing father
No handicap. Extra time and effort from her family helped Lydia Orso achieve a college degree, a job and more
Mother's Inspiration
Bernardsville News/Recorder Community Newspapers, The
Special Olympian spends her vacation with the Kennedys
Boston Globe, The
A pint-sized ambassador against misinformation
Counting a little blessing
Down 'cure' might be within reach
I Have Down Syndrome
Smiles, songs for a granddaughter who is just right
Boston Herald
Granddaughter's a rare gem
Brainstorm. Politics, Policy & Culture of the Northwest
Part of a Plan: Creation or Elimination
Tackling the mountain with Down syndrome, you make inroads where you can
Bridges. Practice-Based Research Syntheses
Effectiveness of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy as a Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Disabilities
British Journal of Educational Psychology
Academic Attainments of Children with Down's Syndrome: A Longitudinal Study
British Osteopathic Journal
The Osteopathic Management of Children with Down's Syndrome
Bulletin, The. (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists)
The Nature of Dysfluency in Down's Syndrome
Canadian Teacher Magazine
Inclusion — Practical Strategies
Catholic Digest
Megan O'Hara, Wheaties Hero. Her success is a triumph of patience, optimism, and love.
Catholic Medical Quarterly
Down's Syndrome: Current Research
Catholic World Report, The
Lessons from a Friendship
Cancer Journal, The
Review. Leukemia in Down's Syndrome
CDSS Quarterly
Stubborn Is... As Stubborn Does
Celebrate Life
A Little Extra
Centre Daily Times
Life Lessons of Parenting
Chatelaine Magazine
Three Words
Chicago Tribune
What took so long?
Colombia Herald, The
Joshua's Story. Early Intervention can overcome developmental problems
Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph
God's Gift—A Down's Syndrome Daughter
Broken Body to Broken Body: Learning the languages of faith (Teaching religion to children with Down's syndrome)
Communicating Partners
Letter from Barbara  
Connections. The newsletter of the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City
Establishing the Basics for Effective Discipline
Vitamins and Down Syndrome
Christian Century
An hour with Penny. Encountering Down syndrome
Daily American Republic
Author's true story touches hearts of 5th & 6th Grade Center class
Daily Hampshire Gazette
Down Syndrome Is Just One Part of Who Aidan Really Is
Daily Southtown
Son's Challenge Becomes Dad's Lifelong Mission
Detriot News, The
Having 'extra chromosome' lends a little extra purpose
Developmental Disabilities Bulletin
Cognitive Processes in the Child with Down Syndrome
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
Nutritional supplementation in Down syndrome: theoretical considerations and current status
The Recognition of Autism in Children with Down Syndrome – Implications for Intervention and Some Speculations about Pathology
Developmental Medicine Reviews and Reports
Thyroid Dysfunction in Down Syndrome: Interpretation and Management of Different Patterns of Laboratory Abnormalities
Disability Solutions
Changing Behavior... and Teaching New Skills
Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Look at What We Know
From Milk to Table Foods: A Parent's Guide to Introducing Food Textures
Looking at Metabolism
"Self-Talk" in Adults with Down Syndrome
Teaching Sign Language
Weight Management in Down Syndrome
You Said It Just Yesterday, Why Not Now? Developmental or Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Citizenship and Disability
Down Right Active. Newsletter of the Tidewater Down Syndrome Association
Innovative Treatment Gives Parents New Hope
It's Karate
Reasons to Celebrate
The Other Dale Evans
Views from Our Shoes
Down Syndrome Amongst Us
What is Music Therapy?
Down Syndrome Association of NSW Newsletter
Raw Silk
Down Syndrome News. The Newsletter of the National Down Syndrome Congress
An Invitation to Celebrate ALL People with DS
Atlanto-Axial Instability in Persons with Down Syndrome. Guidelines for Screening
Editorial Thoughts... On Being Tender
From a Teacher's Perspective - Full Circle on Inclusion
Honoring Christian Pueschel's Legacy
Literacy Can Build Language Skills
The Deprivation Shelf
Your Child's Dental Health
Down Syndrome News and Update
Bilingual Children with Downs Syndrome
Developing Number and Maths Skills
Individual Learning Time - Letter to the Editor
Down Syndrome Community Newsletter
I Can't Talk With My Mouth Full Or... "The Confessions of a Home-Schooling Mom Who Eats Her Words"
Down Syndrome Quarterly
Poetry and the Languages of Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Today
Stress and Parenting
People with Down Syndrome
The Use of Signs by Children with Down Syndrome
Toilet Training
Down's Syndrome Association Newsletter
Ageing and its consequences for people with Down's syndrome
What Can We Do about Dysfluency, Stammering, Getting Stuck?
Down's Syndrome. Papers and Abstracts for Professionals
Cell Therapy (Siccacell) in Down's Syndrome
Down's Syndrome Children with Autistic Features
Down's Syndrome: Research and Practice
Ocular disorders in children with Down syndrome
Research on Sleep Problems and Psychological Function in Children with Down Syndrome: Implications for Clinical Practice and Everyday Care
Down's Update, Kiwanis Down's Syndrome Foundation, Malaysia
Down syndrome: What you should know
Down's Update, Mile High Down Syndrome Association
A Pharmacotherapy for Down Syndrome?
Caring for the Teeth and Gums of Children with Down Syndrome
Early Preventive Dental Care
Why Do We Need Research in Down Syndrome?
DSAQ Digest
Maths is For Everyone – Count Us In! What is this thing called numeracy?
D.S. Press. Newsletter of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
Unexpected Visitor
Durham Working Papers in Linguistics
Language in Down Syndrome: Delay of Principle A Effect?
Edwardsville • Glen Carbon. A Suburban Journals Publication
Ibata looking to make changes on school board
Evansville Courier & Press
Pujols has heart as big as his stats
Exceptional Children
Citizen in the Literature Community: Children with Down Syndrome and the Written Word
Exceptional Parent, The
Financial Planning. Part IV
Signing vs. Silence
Offering Hope, Not Don'ts. Great Expectations Pay Off
Facilitated Communication Digest
Issues Involved in Facilitated Communication and People with Down Syndrome
Family Connection. Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis
Another View of Sheltered Workshops
First Annual DSAGSL Appreciation Picnic. A Huge Success!
Puttin' For Down Syndrome
Family Support Network, The
Advocates Receive Hard News. Legislature Fails to Increase Funding for Family Assistance Programs
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Exceptional student: Verve of teen with Down syndrome brightens the halls of Keller school
Growth, Genetics & Hormones
Growth Hormone Deficiency in Down's Syndrome Children
Growth Hormone Treatment in Young Children With Down's Syndrome: Effects on Growth and Psychomotor Development
Treatment of Children with Down Syndrome and Growth Retardation With Recombinant Human Growth Hormone
Habilitative Mental Healthcare Newsletter, The
Comorbidity of Down Syndrome and Autism
Depressive Disorders in Adults with Down Syndrome
Differential Diagnosis of Functional Decline in Down's Syndrome
Does Suicidal Behavior Occur in Persons with Down Syndrome?
Plaque Formation in Persons with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer Disease
Psychiatric Disorders in Adults with Down Syndrome
Hartford Courant, The
The Right to an Education
Herald, The
I think I surprised a lot of people
Hertfordshire Grid for Learning
Developing the Educational and Social Needs of Children with Down Syndrome
Highland News Leader
Early Intervention Helps Child with Down Syndrome
Holland Sentinel, The
Smiles, Tears for Homecoming King. Students Honor Their Classmate with Down Syndrome by Voting Him the School Crown
Futures Planning for Families Supporting Adults with Life-Long Disabilities
Independent, The
Down's syndrome: 'She wasn't the daughter I wanted'
Confronting the Distortions: Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome and Prenatal Testing
International Journal of Special Education
Counting in Egyptian Children with Down Syndrome
Parent Life Management and Transformational Outcomes When a Child has Down Syndrome
International Review of Research in Mental Retardation
Cognitive Aging and Down Syndrome: An Interpretation
Iowa Alumni Magazine
Moving Beyond Stereotypes
Irish Journal of Psychology
Attitudes Towards Down Syndrome: A National Comparative Study: France, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain
Italian Journal of Intellective Impairment
Atlanto-Axial Instability in Down Persons. Neurologic Risks in the Sport Practice, Mainly in Judo
Birth — The Second Breakpoint in the Down Subject's Biological Balance: Confirmation and Implications
Cerebral Palsy in Down's Syndrome Children: Another Two Cases
Drug Therapies of Bruxism in Down Children: Preliminary Report
Drug Therapy in Downs's Syndrome: A Theoretical Context
Drug Therapy of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Easiness in Downs: A Survey on 328 Persons
Drugs Therapy of Stress On Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Easiness in Downs: Survey On One-Year and Two-Year Results
Easiness to Upper Respiratory Tract Infections: An Investigation on 510 Down's Syndrome Persons
Food Habits in Drug Treated Downs of 10 Years or More
On Difficulties of Equilibrium Control in Down Children (A Preliminary Note)
Opposite Half-Brain Dominance of Specific Functions? Another Case in a Down Child Under Drug Therapy
Psychosis in Down Children and in Normal Children: Analogy and Differences
School Learning in 8 Year Old Down Syndrome Children Treated or Not with Drugs
Seasonal Influence in the Conceptions of Down Persons in Italy: A 20 Years Survey
Study on Bike Riding in Downs Aged 10 or More and Treated by Drug Therapy
The False Motor Debility in Children with Mental Retardation
The Free Radicals Hypothesis in Causing Dementia: High Probability Refutation in Down's Syndrome Subjects
The Use of Drugs to Modulate Stress Responses Reduces the Time of Intensive Care Needed by Down Children to Recover after Open-Heart Surgery
Jewish Children's Adoption Network Newsletter
Parenting an Invisible Child
Journal of Developmental and Learning Disorders
Mediated Learning and Its Application to the Enhancement of Mathematical Abilities in Children with Down Syndrome
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
What General Educators Have to Say About Successfully Including Students with Down Syndrome in Their Classes
Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Nutrient Intake and Obesity in Prepubescent Children with Down Syndrome
Journal of the National Academy for Child Development
Down Syndrome
In Search of Joshua
Language Acquisition in Children with Down Syndrome
NACD Testimonies
Perspectives. A message to parents of Down Syndrome Children
The Walk
Journal of Neurology
The Brain in Down Syndrome (TRISOMY 21)
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Facial Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome
Growth Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome
The Pioneering Work of Ruth Flinn Harrell: Champion of Children
Latin Mass, The
A Small Soul for the Lord
For "Reading" Read "Listening"
Link, The
Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs
MAGIC Touch Newsletter, The
Rare Disorders Division Articles  
Medical Hypotheses
Can Cognitive Deterioration Associated with Down Syndrome be Reduced?
Médecine Sciences
Cinquantenaire de la trisomie 21. Retour sur une découverte
Medicine Today
Commentary. Clinical Case Review
MedPage Today
SMFM: Learning Deficit Blocked in Mouse Model of Down's
Miami Herald's Tropic
What Love Can Build
Mouth Magazine
A 'Placement' in a regular class
Eleanor Helps Herself
Letter to a Baby Who Was Thrown from a Bridge
School is Where My Friends Are
Movement Magazine
Children with Down Syndrome Bicycle Together
Inclusion proposal accepted!
NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) Strides Magazine
Medical Considerations for Therapeutic Riding
Nashville Tennessean, Healing Words Column
In the eyes of those people who love him, Seth is a perfect child
Nathhan News (National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network)
An Open Letter to Parents of Downs Syndrome Children
Down Home Learning
Reflections of a Father: Jordan and I
The Down Syndrome Family
Pre-School and the Child with Down Syndrome
Dr. MacDonald's Program. Communicating Partners
National Right to Life News
My Experience with Prejudice Against Children with Down Syndrome
Not an "Error" But Our Child
Needs, etc.
Observations on Nutrition and Weight Development in Children with Down Syndrome
Nepal Journal of Neuroscience
Down's Syndrome and Craniovertebral Instability: Topic Review and Treatment Recommendations
New Hampshire Challenge, The
The Written Word Fosters the Spoken One News Service
Down's Syndrome Lifespan Doubles
Stem Cells Tip Off Genes Disrupted In Down Syndrome
New Sun & Evening Star
Child to stay in class. State will monitor Lakeland's efforts
Violence in the Hospital?
Jon Will's Aptitudes
The Case of Phillip Becker
New York Times
Lifelong Concerns for a Special Child
News & Views. Down Syndrome Association Malta
Down Syndrome and Bilingualism
NICHCY News Digest
 You Are Not Alone: For Parents When They Learn That Their Child Has A Disability
Northwest Baby & Child
Thoughts From the Middle of the Night
Novato Advance
Close to Home
Observer Magazine, The
Standing up for Down's
Optimist, The. Newsletter of PROUD, Orange County, CA
Children with Down syndrome
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics
Down Syndrome: A Review of the Literature
Our Sunday Visitor
Can Down's Receive Communion?
His 'wonderful life' goes on
Alex's success offers example, hope to other families, young adults
Baby with Down syndrome brings joy, optimism to Minnesota family
Student with disability meets college challenges
Pädiatrische Praxis
Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) for Children with Down Syndrome
People's Magazine
Going Strong. Life Goes On for actor Chris Burke - now a Down syndrome activist
Palatal Plates and Oral Motor Function - Children with Down Syndrome
Ginkgo biloba in Down Syndrome
Physical Therapy
Book, Multimedia, and Software Reviews. Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, Ed 2
Physician Magazine
At First Glance
Post Register
Against the odds - Couple with Down Syndrome Marries
Pull-Thru Network News
Pull Through Rash Ointments
Reader's Digest
Loving Adam
The Choice I'll Never Regret, We're Not Perfect, But Who Could Love Her More?
The Choice I'll Never Regret, What If I Can't Love Them?
Remedial Education
Teaching Reading to Children with Little or No Language
rpm Magazine for Truckers
Something for Stevie
Sacramento Bee
The art of survival
Martial plan. Brandon Fullecido, born with Down syndrome, uses determination, courage and skill to earn a black belt
Saggi, Child Development & Disabilities
Bilingualism in Mental Retardation: Some Prospective Views
Say What? Future Planning in Plain English
Medicaid? Say What?
PASS? Say What?
Second-to-die? Say What?
SSDAC? Say What?
SSDI? Say What?
SSI? Say What?
Ticket to Work? Say What?
Ticket to Work? Say What?
Ticket to Work? Say What?
Ticket to Work? Say What?
Visioning? Say What?
School of Optometry & Vision Sciences
Vision in Children with Down's Syndrome
Seattle Times, The
A Bittersweet Milestone: Lupita Prepares to Leave the Nest
South Bend Tribune
She rises to the challenge. Fourth-grader honored in reading contest
Special Care Dentistry
Periodontal Disease in Patients with Down Syndrome
Special Times. The Newsletter of the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Daddy's Brightest Star?
Can I Marry You?
St. Luke's Journal of Theology [in September 1991 renamed Sewanee Theological Journal]
Yes Philip, it is empty!
St. Petersburg Times
Student's disabilities not a hindrance
Star Bulletin, The
State found negligent disabled student
Star Tribune
Reading at an early age: Immersion key in Down syndrome
Let's Change our Focus Regarding Down Syndrome
State Journal Register, The
SIU Professor Promotes Down Syndrome Theory. Immune Approach proving tough sell with colleagues
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Down Syndrome Advocates Praise New Law
Lekotek Toy Lending Library has Learning, Fun
St. Louis Cardinals fan feels uplifted after fall
Suburban LIFE Citizen, The
Shattering a Stereotype, WS College Freshman Breaks Educational Ground
Mom, he said I'm Down syndrome
Teaching Home Magazine, The
Einstein Syndrome
Texas WIC News
Prevention of Obesity for Children with Down Syndrome
TDS News
Emergent Literacy in the Homes of Children with Down Syndrome
Tiger Times
What It Is Like to Have a Disability
Today, The Arc of Illinois
Emergent Literacy in the Homes of Children with Down Syndrome
Early Intervention Legislation Passes
Early Intervention & Early Start Rules 2001
Early Intervention Insights
Topeka Capital-Journal, The
Jim Stevens battles with Alzheimer's
Toronto Globe and Mail
We Still Don't Know what 'Normal' Really Is
Touch. A publication from Kennedy Krieger Institute and its Atlanta affiliate, Marcus Institute
Research Frontiers: Trials of the Mind
Tucson Citizen
How Kelly learned to soar. A child with Down syndrome gets an unusual education through the dedication of others
Unless the Lord Magazine
Special Needs Children
Update. The quarterly newsletter of the National Down Syndrome Society
An All Inclusive Debate — Whether Academic Inclusion Best Serves Students' Social Development
David and the World Trade Center
UPS for DownS Newsletter
Common Dental Conditions – January Meeting Recap
Vanity Fair
Arthur Miller's Missing Act
Continued Language Development into Adulthood
Who Wants a "Defective" Baby?
War Cry, The
Those Special Kids
Washington Post, The
A Friend for Christmas
I Have Down Syndrome
My Son and 'Life's Lottery'
The Killing Will Not Stop
Watseka Times, The
Minna Snow remembered, letter to the editor
Total Communication Options for Children with Down Syndrome in the Context of Hanen Programs for Parents
Witchita Eagle, The
The Best Hug I Ever Got
Life Worth Living
My Little Extra. Lessons in Love from an Unexpected Teacher
Woman's Day
Loving Emily
Yoga Journal
Yoga for the Special Child

Position Statements

Down Syndrome Quarterly
Statement for Parents on Growth Hormone Treatment for Children with Down Syndrome
National Down Syndrome Congress
Sicca Cell Therapy
Position Statement on Prenatal Testing and Eugenics: Families' Rights and Needs Eradicating Handicap


Dennis Holton, Pioneer in Down Syndrome Education
Early Childhood Special Education Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Guidance Paper September, 2005
NDSS Parent Information and Advocacy Tips
How was school today?
Press Release
Governor Blagojevich Signs Down Syndrome Awareness Proclamation
TV Transcript
Welcome to Holland
University Course Reading
Eradicating Handicap