Communicating Partners, Spring 1995 Newsletter

Letter from Barbara
     We are always thrilled when our child begins to talk. I love to hear what my son will say next, and I am sure you are just as excited when your child does or says just a little more than before. It is important that our children learn how to get their own thoughts and ideas across to others, not just to "have words" they can recite on command.
     Parents can best help their children learn to talk by teaching them words they need in everyday life to interact with families and friends... words such as "pizza."
     I remember the time we were all in the car and our four boys wanted to stop and eat. The poor boys were "starving to death" as usual, and begged us to stop. I told them over and over "No, we'll eat when we get home." This went on for quite a while.
     It was five year old Mark (with Down syndrome) who knew what to say. Mark, the boy I worried might never talk, is now becoming a clever and convincing communicator. He leaned over the seat and whispered sweetly in my ear, "I love you, mamma. Let's go to Pizza Hut." If I remember correctly, it was a large supreme with extra cheese.
Barbara Mitchell

  Revised: February 22, 1998.